Thursday, December 01, 2005

Price of Press

The N.Y. Times reported today (as its tabloid counterpart the LA Times did earlier this week) that the Pentagon has been paying Iraqi journalists to report optimistic articles on a democratic Iraq. The Pentagon actually writes the articles up themselves, then pays the Lincoln Group, a public relations firm, to translate them into Arabic and submit them to Iraqi newspapers and advertising agencies.

Since the unveiling of this news, there have been mixed feelings in Washington. Some believe it is an effective way to spread propoganda, while others believe it is "ethically despicable." Ok, "ethically despicable" may be going a little far, guys, but I see your point. I think there are compelling arguments both for and against the Pentagons actions, but personally I don't think theres anything wrong with it. Propoganda has been a weapon of war for a very long time, and an effective one. Muhammad Abdul Jabbar, the editor of one Iraqi paper, thinks the US is wasting its money, but I would disagree. The control of information is a very powerful weapon, and I think it was being effectively in this case.

Its also worth pointing out that this is not a violation of freedom of press or freedom of speech, taking these as basic rights in a democratic nation. Paying for "advertising" in Iraq does not forbid editors from printing anything. If the US is doing this, then yes that would be a violation of those hypothetical rights. They're spreading their propoganda, not censoring anything. As far as we know at the moment, anyway.

I certainly see the other side of the argument as well. This would be illegal in the US, but it isn't illegal for the US to do it in Iraq. I think mostly I'm ok with it because I see it as an effective and peaceful way to build up support for a democratic Iraq, and thus get US soldiers out of there sooner.

Its all a moot point now that the Times broke the story. Any article printed in an Iraqi newspaper supporting the new Iraqi government will now be met with heavy criticism and accusations of bribery. Even if it is a sincere account of the authors opinion.

I actually read in the Times that they were the ones to break the story, so as for that fact I just took their word for it.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bedtime Stories

When my brother and I were about 4 and 6, respectively, my father would read us a few chapters from a book every night before bed. We read Treasure Island, Around the World in 80 Days, The Old Man and the Sea, or sometimes chapters from the bible. He would do voices for the different characters or stand up and act out part of the story. We loved it, so much in fact that as i grew up i continued to read those same books over and over. I remember pointing out on my tenth birthday that i had just finished The Old Man and the Sea for the tenth time.

But our favorites, by far, were Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We probably liked them so much because of all the cool voices my dad would do for the many different characters.... heh, i'm chuckling now remembering it. He must have read each of those to us 3 or 4 times, and i read them each myself as well. I came across our old copy of Huck Finn once when i was in high school. You could tell how much it had been used, the cover was as thin as the pages in the book, and you could barely see the picture from all the creases in it. I'm annoyed now that in all the links to the books i've supplied here, none of the covers are the ones I remember.

Anyway, I was browsing around some sites reading select portions of Huck Finn this morning... and yes I'm at work, I don't wanna hear it. Last night, i was in borders for a good hour leafing through books on the middle east conflict, and that was still fresh in my mind this morning as i came across the excerpt below. Maybe my dad could read this bedtime story on his next trip to Israel (yes he's going again, and no i'm still not jewish).

"Did you want to kill him, Buck?"
"Well, I bet I did."
"What did he do to you?"
"Him? He never done nothing to me."
"Well, then, what did you want to kill him for?"
"Why, nothing -- only it's on account of the feud."
"What's a feud?"
"Why, where was you raised? Don't you knowwhat a feud is?"
"Never heard of it before -- tell me about it."
"Well," says Buck, "a feud is this way: A man has a quarrel with another man, and kills him; then that other man's brother kills HIM; then the other brothers, on both sides, goes for one another; then the COUSINS chip in -- and by and by everybody's killed off, and there ain't no more feud. But it's kind of slow, and takes a long time."
"Has this one been going on long, Buck?"
"Well, I should RECKON! It started thirty year ago, or som'ers along there. There was trouble 'bout something, and then a lawsuit to settle it; and the suit went agin one of the men, and so he up and shot the man that won the suit -- which he would naturally do, of course. Anybody would."
"What was the trouble about, Buck? -- land?"
"I reckon maybe -- I don't know."
"Well, who done the shooting? Was it a Granger-ford or a Shepherdson?"
"Laws, how do I know? It was so long ago."
"Don't anybody know?"
"Oh, yes, pa knows, I reckon, and some of the other old people; but they don't know now what the row was about in the first place."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Some Kind of Pussies

I was lucky enough to catch the Metallica movie "Some Kind of Monster" on VH1 the other day. I caught it from the very beginning, and watched through to the end. Metallica are modern day icons, having influenced millions of young musicians the world over. And if I understand it correctly, James and Lars' do the majority of writing for the band, so they can sort of hold that title on their own. It is arguable that those two are irreplacable, while any other members are just role players.

I've never faulted Metallica for changing style so drastically after the Black Album. Change is desirable, I don't think a band should stay so static for so long. I heard the most recent Iron Maiden album, and it sounded exactly like the first (Bruce-era) Iron Maiden album. I was pissed. "I've bought this album 15 times already" i thought to myself. AC/DC is another example of this. The great ones change. Elvis changed, The Beatles changed. The world may have changed with these guys, but still. Metallica's altered style was no sin.

I don't know what i was hoping for when i started watching this. I had heard it was a good flick, and i should watch it. So i kept it on. Lars is annoying, James is an alcoholic, and Kirk is a flamer. This i knew already. Everything else i saw, i was sorely dissappointed with.

James and Lars argue like a couple whos divorce is long overdue. Which is bad enough, except they speak to each other like they've been through relationship counseling for the past twenty years. "Lars, when you say this, it makes me feel this way." What the fuck? You're a rock star, James! Throw a fucking tequila bottle at him or something! "Well James, maybe you should consider things from my perspective. I mean could i be more considerate of how you're feeling? Maybe, but...." Lars communicates by asking himself questions and then answering them. Its awesome. And Kirk sits there like a goddamn 4 year old stuck in the middle of a fight between his parents. "C'mon guys, don't fight like this." Fight?? FIGHT!? This isn't how rock stars fight! This is how married sitcom couples fight.

Then half the movie is about James going into a drug treatment facility to beat his drinking problem. The whole time hes in there (over a year) he doesn't speak to Lars, and rarely to Kirk. They don't know if he's ever coming back to the band and Lars hints at replacing him if necessary. Ok Lars, like the world is going to accept metallica without a Hetfield.

During James' hiatus, Lars visits with Dave Mustaine. Finally, i think. This guy was kicked out of the band for his drunken abusive ways. And dave's pissed. Let it rip, lets hear some cursing and see some furniture throwing! Buuuut no, i forgot Dave's a born again christian. (Its worth noting here something i've noticed over the years: Born again christians, along with recovered drug addics, make horrible musicians). He vents his anger in a soft tone, mildly explaining to Lars how much it hurt him to see Metallica rise to the level they did without him. Oh yea, and he cried. He f'ing cried. On camera! "Everything I did was always second best.... waaaaaaaaa." Christ. Its like everyone they meet turns into a mary.

James comes out of rehab and is only allowed to work from 12-4 every day. He also says that nobody else is allowed to work when he's not around, 'cause he doesn't like coming into situations where things have already been decided. "Sounds like my situation for the last 15 years" says Kirk Hammett, with the funniest line in the whole movie. Metallica hires a guy for $40,000 a month to keep things smooth for the band while they work on their new album. They end up fighting with him too.

Did these guys forget what they do for a living? They are 2 of the biggest rock stars in the last 25 years, and they're acting like a pair of stereotypical housewives. If Bob Rock, Cliff Burnstein, or the $40,000/mo con artist hired to help them get along with each other really wanted to help these guys, they'd buy them a copy of Motley Crue's The Dirt, and make them read it every day. I mean, Tommy Lee went to prison for beating his wife. Nikki Sixx died and came back to life. Vince Neil killed somebody! These guys knew how to do it! (Somebody did the world a disservice by "helping" them, too.)

What is this world coming to. Is a white rapper the only rock star we have left ?!?!?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'm not at work.... i swear....
Lasome Kristoff Muzzurrelli
January 19th, 1978
Too personal.
Current Location:
Lets put it this way. You'll need $315,000 to get a crib like mine!
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
I wanna say 5'11", but i haven't measured myself lately.... a'heh
Right Handed or Left Handed:
Your Heritage:
The Shoes You Wore Today:
My adidas are white
Your Weakness:
I am nothing but strength.
Your Fears:
Your Perfect Pizza:
There is no slice of pizza that i will definitely want at any given time.
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:
Top goal: own something to live in.
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:
"Can't talk ... gotta work"
Thoughts First Waking Up:
"I love myself"
Your Best Physical Feature:
C'mere baby, i'll show ya :-*
Your Bedtime:
That ended when i was .... sadly, like 15.
Your Most Missed Memory:
I don't "miss" anything I remember, but i did just love working at 7-11.
Pepsi or Coke:
Oh Good Lord.
Mac Donalds or Burger King:
"Mac" Donal... who the hell wrote this?
Single or Group Dates:
If by "group" you mean 10 girls and myself...... then single.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Triple X.
Chocolate or Vanilla:
Chocolate, goddamn these people with their friggin vanilla. Whats it taste like? Tastes like nothing!
Cappuccino or Coffee:
grande non fat pumpkin spice latte no whip
Do you Smoke:
Do you Swear:
Fuck you. Yes.
Do you Sing:
I have the voice of an angel.
Do you Shower Daily:
..... do i shower daily.
Have you Been in Love:
No, never.
Do you want to go to College:
If i can have WH B35A again.... maybe.
Do you want to get Married:
If you'll sign a prenup.
Do you belive in yourself:
I lie to myself. And you can't spell.
Do you get Motion Sickness:
yea, its awesome, i love it
Do you think you are Attractive:
I am a beast :(
Are you a Health Freak:
You wish you were a freak like me
Do you get along with your Parents:
They worship me like a GOD!
Do you like Thunderstorms:
More than you do
Do you play an Instrument:
I play several
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:
In the past month have you Smoked:
I have
In the past month have you been on Drugs:
I have, and now i no longer play for the NY Giants.
In the past month have you gone on a Date:
I got a date Wednesday, baby!
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:
I did, and everyone there was cooler than me
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:
You fat bastard. Who eats a BOX of Oreos.
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:
funny you should mention that. No.
In the past month have you been on Stage:
Not with any clothes on.... ohhh!
In the past month have you been Dumped:
doing the math aaaaaaand.... nope!
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:
Yes, I go skinny dipping every october.
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:
i stole your love! stole your love!
Ever been Drunk:
I'm a christian man.
Ever been called a Tease:
Noooo wwaaaay.
Ever been Beaten up:
I do the beating, i am merciless.
Ever Shoplifted:
At one point I was banned from Caldor, 7-11, and My Hero.
How do you want to Die:
I want to burn to death.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:
a kid again
What country would you most like to Visit:
I think Greece. Maybe France or Spain. Europe.
Number of Drugs I have taken:
let me think.... i need a calculator.... got it. one.
Number of CDs I own:
I lost count, I keep them all in my iPod. F the RIAA
Number of Piercings:
None if you don't count ears.
Number of Tattoos:
No tats, I spent all my money on the harley.
Number of things in my Past I Regret:
Solo uno.

In a Girl..
Favorite Eye Color:
It really doesn't matter.
Favorite Hair Color:
Pretty irrelevant
Short or Long Hair:
Long enough for me to toss them around with
I can punt a midget 15 yards, so midgets or shorter
337 lbs.
Favorite Clothing Style:
funky. Maybe some thick framed glasses

Friday, September 16, 2005

Coming Out Straight

Homosexuality. Genetic, or psychological. What a debate. The guest on Stern this morning is the author of a book by the same title of this blog (he stole it). He was gay into his late 20's, and "came out straight" after addressing his psychological problems and going through the required therapy to resolve those issues. He dated girls in high school just to fit in, but was always turned off and pretty much disgusted by them.

He believes there are some very specific circumstances that lead to psychological problems resulting in homosexuality. He makes a very compelling argument. Unfortunately this will be a much weaker argument as a line in my blog, instead of an hour long discussion with a psychologist and author. But the short of it is that in males, they need male attention. They didn't get it from their father in childhood, they end up resenting their mothers because they're so focused on what they want from their father, and in turn end up wanting men instead of women. ::shrug:: This is just one scenario, the author had like 5 or 6 specific examples like this though. And when i consider the homosexuals i've met in my life, all of them come from some sort of dysfunctional background, some much more so than others. There is also another side to that observation, and a valid one. Everyone has some sort of dysfunction in their past. So of course gay people do too.

The argument of homosexuality being genetic is still difficult for me to accept, for two reasons. First, no homosexual gene has been discovered. In fact, nothing has been discovered in the way of genetic gayness to even hint that it is a possibility. Second, there are no homosexual animals. It is a common misconception that there are gay animals in the wild kingdom. Specifically, there is a group of gorilla's whose genetic make up is extremely similar to that of humans. These gorilla's bang man-ass. Well, male-gorilla-ass. BUT, this is situational. There are few "head-gorilla's" in the pack, and the females run the show. Only the highest ranking males can bed these fine ladies, so the rest - like men in prison - do the dance with the other lowly males of the pack until they can work their way up the social ladder.

I definitely can't believe that genetics can make people gay until some sort of scientific proof creates at least the possibility of it. I believe it is plausible that being gay is a psychologic issue. Plausible, im' not saying thats the way it is. I think there's more pointing in that direction than genetics though. This author has "helped" over 1,000 people resolve their psychological situation and come out straight. One of the most important steps is actually healing with the same sex. "Guys need to heal with guys, girls need to heal with girls." I think his point is that its important for them to get the same-sex affection that they were lacking without it having to be an intimate thing. Anyway, its "worked" over 1,000 times.

Now this viewpoint is not saying that homosexuality is a choice. The author actually said its NOT choice, they're in a very real psychological circumstance that doesn't give them a choice in the matter. That was important for me to hear to take him seriously, because i don't believe gay guys are just like "oh i guess i'll like guys and not girls, why not!" Anyway, i'm not convinced either way, but i give much more credit to the possibility of homosexuality being a result of psychology, and not genetics, than i did before listening to the show. I'll see how much of his book i can read for free on amazon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the AXE

Guitar Center's got some damn fine lookin acoustic guitars there baby! I really want to get one. My buddy dropped his acoustic off at my place the other day and i been playing it all night the last few days, my fingers are actually sore right now as i type this. Oh yes, that will pass though. I've got the itch to play again, and i know i want an acoustic guitar. And i know i want a nice one. I'm lookin between $1300-$1800. Guitar center even has No-Interest No-Payments for 16 months. WHAT! I said no interest and NO GODDAMN PAYMENTS for 16 months! For my price range, it will almost certainly be a martin or a taylor. I'll play some gibsons or whatever, but i'm banking on finding a Martin (or taylor) thats going to make my day. And many days to come. I mean i can still play my electric if i want, and probably will once i'm back into the groove, but i've got no amp set up at the house and its just not what i'm feeling right now.

Its therapeutic for me to play, and i haven't in so long. One of the strangest things is when i pick it up and don't know what to play. Especially since most of what i naturally start with is old metallica or something to that effect, and there's only so much of that you're going to enjoy playing on an acoustic guitar. So i been listenin to some stuff lately that i'm going to want to learn. I was up till about 1am last night figuring out Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Life By The Drop." Five years ago i probably would've been able to play that song after hearing it once. But i got it down eventually anyway. Its awkward to sing it and play it at the same time though (especially for my roomate, poor guy) but i'll get that too. Thats to say nothing of the quality of singing.

I'll hit up the Guitar Center later this week i think, and play some of the guitars down there. I'll probably end up with an electric-acoustic, since they tend to be thinner and more comfortable for me to play. I'll see if the sound suffers at all though. Also want to check out what books they've got there. Maybe some Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaghan, i dunno. See what they've got. They sell software too, which i'll check out and get one day and have a blast playing with. All of this is very exciting.

Now my fingers just have to toughen up again.....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lesson Learned

Evan and I have taken on a job doing a website for a young guy starting his own company. As he had limited cash available, and he was starting his own company just like we are trying to do, we agreed to work with him on the money to hlep him afford it. Basically we said we'd work cheap. Man we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The job is going to get done for probably 25% of the cost it should be. Triple the price we agreed would have been a steal for him. We totally underestimated how long thigns take to get done. Not to mention work has been added on to the project so its much more work than we even originally thought. All of this is our own fault, though.

I take some small solace by thinking of the lesson i've learned through this. I made a few bucks, even if i deserved much more. But, next job i get, I'll much more accurately estimate the time and work involved, and get a fair price from the get go. I've also gained some valuable experience in dealing with a customers changing needs, as well learned how to tell clients no. I think the next job Softwave gets will be a good one, and i'll be proud of both the work i do and the way i conduct business.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Dammit i had a great idea for a blog this weekend and i completely forgot what it was! My life is meaningless.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

SOOO hard for the money

CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle, who took a real esate class, passed the class test, and has now passed the NYS test to become a real estate salesperson!

Good lookin' michelle.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tick Tock

The clock in my room is the most awesomest clock you've ever or never seen. It's a digital display, it looks about 15 years old. Its brown and the display is red, and there is a crack in it. It was just in my room when i moved into the house, its not even really mine. But I think i'm the only one who can read it. I'll explain why, and then i won't be the only one anymore. Had to end someday.

First, i have it set 15 minutes fast. So usually you just subtract 15 minutes to get the real time. Seems easy enough. BUT its not always 15 minutes fast. The display is screwed up, so the 1's digit in the hour number will display a "7" instead of a "1" and a "9" instead of a "4". So at 7:14, it's really 12:59, making it 6 hours and 15 minutes fast. Of course it could really be showing 6:59, you gotta use your head a little. When it says "9:33" that is either 9:18 or it could be 4:18. At this point it is 5 hours and 15 minutes fast.

It gets even better when the hours get up into the 10+ times. At 10:47am my clock will read 17:02... which is of course 5:02 in military time, making it 7 hours and 15 minutes fast.

I have a new clock sitting in my room but i just don't want to hook it up. I like my guests having to ASK ME! what time it is. I'll show them that the clock is right there, it's 15 minutes fast, thats all. Or 6 hours and 15 minutes fast. or 5 hours and 15 minutes fast, or 7 hours and 15 minutes fast, depending on what time of day it is.

Can't you tell time ?!?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What Dreams

I had a dream last night, partially interrupted by a brief moment when i was awake. When i went back to sleep, the dream continued but on a different tangent. It takes me about 15 seconds to recount the whole thing in my head, but i think its going to turn into a lot of typing. Anyway, i thought i'd blog about it.

It was a blizzard, in the middle of the night. I'm driving down lowell ave. in CI, but all i can see is about 3 or 4 feet worth of road in the middle, everything else is snow. Everywhere snow. Very dark out, I'm thinking i need to turn my headlights on, but with all the snow i can kinda see good enough anyway. I can see headlights about a mile behind me, but they won't be nearing anytime soon. (A whole paragraph of typing just to describe a moment.)

I'm low on gas, and i'm gonna run out soon. I make the turn onto Suffolk Ave. .... which is now Terrell street. Still nothing but darkness and snow everywhere. I pull up to the curb in front of my house, not sure of how this is going to solve my cars gas problem. There's so much snow. As i get out, i can barely walk around in the snow. I'm coming up onto the lawn area, and i notice a black woman stuck in the snow in my yard. The house seems to be a million miles away. Suddenly i'm seeing from the womans point of view, her hands are out in front of her and she's patting down an area in the snow in front of her. She's on her stomach, i realize. Where she's patting starts to crack a little, and i realize whats happening.

I snap back to my own point of view, and see the wall of snow come down from further up in my yard, and bury the woman. Its going to get me too. I try to get back to the road area, but its slow moving in all the snow. The avalanche overtakes me, and i'm surfing along beneath the snow as it flows further and further down. I'm thinking 'I can't be that from the surface, good thing i made that last ditch towards the road.' I decide to wait till i stop moving to try to dig myself out. When it stops, i'm buried. Complete darkness, and all i can feel is the weight of the snow on top of me. I try to push up, but the snow is too heavy. I'm stuck here. I try again to push.....

..... but the weight of the blanket is too heavy. Blanket, i'm dreaming. Wake up. I force myself to wake up. I get to the point of awareness but still not able to push this ton of snow off of me. I'm laying in my room in the darkness with my blanket that weighs a thousand pounds. A little more... there it goes. I push the blanket down and sit up in bed. Awake, wow. That brief moment, where i'm completely aware of where i am and that i was dreaming, but still not physically able to react to it... thats a cool feeling. I should blog about this, i thought.

I laid back down and fell asleep pretty quickly. I was laying under my blankets, thinking about how pitch black it is. (In actuality, there's a light that shines into my room from the street and pisses me off.) As i slip back into my dream, i'm laying under a blanket in a bed, in a pitch black room. But my point of view is from the corner of the ceiling, looking down, and the scene is in night vision. Its weird... I'm thinking from my point of view, but looking from the corner of the ceiling. "So dark...," I'm thinking. The blizzard is roaring outside. "Thank god you're ok," she says. Who? Who said that? The woman in the ceiling. There's a woman above the ceiling talking to me. I can't hear it though, its in my thoughts. I know thats where she is. I tug the blanket closer to me and try to ignore her. She's something to fear, but i don't know why.

I hear pitter patter around my head on the bed. Whats out there? Where am I. Now i'm under the blanket, not in the corner of the ceiling anymore. I have no idea whats on the other side of this blanket, in the darkness. No more night vision, just darkness. Sounds of something lightly walking around on the bed about my head are frightening as hell. (I think i woke up briefly here, and was like... frozen in fear, and didn't move, and fell right back asleep. What a panzy.) What are those sounds!

Out of nowhere the nightvision is back, i'm looking from the ceiling corner again, and 8 huge legs come out of the ceiling directly above the sleeping me. What is that! It crashes down on top of my body, it's a huge spider with a human womans head. She's punching my sleeping body with her eight hairy creepy legs. Her body is enormous. She throws 4 of her legs in the air and the ceiling of the room blows away. From my ceiling corner, i look up and see the blizzard sky. Looking back down at my sleeping body, I'm still hiding under the blankets. "Go away," i'm thinking. The spiders human woman head looks right at me ... me in the ceiling corner .... and i see her teeth, but its not a human woman head. Its a demon head, sexless, with a red glow around it. Its smiling, but i don't know how i know that. It doesn't look like its smiling. I break away from its gaze and see my body scurrying out of the room.... good! run! The demon spider shrieks and lunges at my point of view in the ceiling corner, but i'm looking from my body now. Looking back over my shoulder at the spider lunging at the corner of the room.

When i wake up, i'm still under my blankets. Giant wimp that i am, I'm afraid to come out. It took a few seconds, but i forced myself to move the blankets away and stand up. Its 2:45am... i only went to sleep at 2:20 or so. That dream(s) seemed to happen in a heartbeat. I'm still a little spooked to look at the bed area next to me. I'm afraid there's a demon spider there. I looked anyway and there wasn't. I got up and opened my bedroom door cautiously, so as not to be sneak attacked by the demon. Just my regular dining room. I'm coming out of grogginess now, and the fear is fading away. I'm already hoping i don't forget the dream so i can blog about it. That thought must have been left over from before.

I went out and had a glass of water, splashed some water on my face in the bathroom, and went back to bed. Later on that night i jerked awake suddenly, a little spooked again, but i came out of it quickly, and couldn't even remember what i had dreamt about, if anything.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


"Fuck the police... fuck, fuck, fuck the police.. yea, fuck 'em."

That about sums up my general attitude for those sworn to serve and protect, and i'm reminded of it once again in recent news. I am thus far the only one who's angered by what I'm talking about here, but again.... my blog, not yours.

Some f'n cop was interrogating a suspect about a stabbing, and the suspect overpowered him, took his gun, and killed him. The cop probably didn't deserve to die, but he definitely brought that shit upon himself. Anyway, the suspect shoots out the window hops down 3 stories and runs away. The fuzz catches up with him three blocks later and arrests him.

Case closed, trial, sentence, life in prison ... maybe death. Right? So you would think, according to our laws and all. But the fuckin police, who are there to UPHOLD the law, always live above the law. They beat the fuck out of this guy.

They didn't just push him around and give him some body bruises. They beat this guy so bad that when he came into the courtroom, he had to wear a face mask, like Jason. The small part of his face that you could see from his eyes up looked so distorted that i wanted to puke. I am sickened now thinking about. He was so swollen that his black face was paled by the stretching of his skin.

The suspect did not deserve that. And if you think he did, it doesn't matter. Because even if you're right, it isn't the place for the police to give it to him. He goes on trial , he gets sentenced, he serves his sentence. Thats it. This isnt some medieval society or fuckin third world country where arrogant cops, who probably ended up as cops 'cause they were unqualified for everything else, dish out justice on the street. In this society, arrogant cops who can't be anythign else are supposed to just arrest people, and defend themselves when necessary.

I've been disgusted with our law enforcement since i was old enough to think about it, and i continue to be.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I have a company now. I got the business certificate a few weeks ago. The name on the certificate is SOFTWAVE TECHNOLOGIES, though i'm not sure what i'm going to "market" it as. Probably one of Softwave Tech(nologies), Softwave Development, or even just Softwave. The approval rate of the name Softwave has been pretty good so far, some people have disliked it though. But I'm married to it now, I already paid the $42 for the certificate.

What i wanted to get done first but still haven't gotten around to is get a website for the company up. is already taken, but i can reserve it in case it is not renewed when the year subscription is up. I don't think the owner is going to renew it, because if you visit you'll notice they haven't even put any page up at all yet. Its just the webservers welcome page. But, i don't think i'm gonna reserve it anyway. I don't want to wait that long. What i'll probably end up using is either or I think they're both available.

But before i get a site up, i need a logo. Once I have a logo, however simple, i can make up some business cards and start with a website. I need a marketing/artist person to help with this part, both to do the logo and help with the business cards and website. Fortunately, my girlfriend majored in graphics art with a focus on advertising design. Unfortunately, she's been too busy to do any work for good ol' Softwave. I gotta get it done though, i really need a site up. Once its done i want to maybe use google's PayPerClick advertising campaign. At the least i'll optimize it for search engine results.

It has been keeping me very busy though. Mainly because Softwave is only me. I've been doing the requirements analysis, design, programming, and testing. I've also been learning about all the Small Business Tax laws since i'll be doing the accounting as well. And, in the beginning, i fear i will be in charge of the marketing. That's not a good sign. A marketing/salesperson will probably be one of the first hired hands i get, if i ever hire any. I will certainly need some help on the programming side eventually, but i think my trusty 'ol SB roomate is willing to help out and make some money with me.

But I'm discouraged at where all the work is coming from. Everything i've done with softwave has been for one company. If that company gets a contract for a job, and if that job needs a programmer, and if they decide to hire me to do that programming, then i get work. Right now, thats it. Thats not good! So one of my short term goals is to turn that avenue of work into something like this: I get the job. If the job requires some service that i don't provide, then i outsource to someone that does. Right now, as you can tell, Softwave is basically just a development consulting company. But within 18 months or so (pretty random number there) i want to have some sort of Softwave product that we sell, probably just software.

This software, whatever it is, is going to be aimed at a very specific market. Trying to break into broad categories like "accounting software" is too difficult a task for a budding young company like Softwave. I still haven't thought of what the hell that product is even going to be, so we'll see what happens.

Well, thats where I'm at. Look for the post in the future entitled "Softwave Crashes", when the company is no longer worth the effort of keeping.

Fucking sucks. I just wrote a couple hundred words in a new blog and lost it all when i clicked Post. Freaking waste of my time, and now you guys don't get anything to read. Suckas !

This isn't the first time this shit happened either. If you're thinking of starting a new blog, start it somewhere else.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


And i'm back. From the sunny state of California. I had a great time, just as i suspected. I was much busier than i thought i would be. When i go out there, its not for site seeing and touristy things. I just go out there to hang out with my friends. But i did all sorts of stuff on this particular trip.

I landed in L.A. on tuesday morning and on tuesday night i was en route to Mexico with Tartisel. By the time we got down there and got a hotel room by the border and had some tacos, i had been going for about 18 hours on 3 hours of sleep. I was a zombie, but a determined one. We bought a trolly ticket for $4.50 that nobody ever checked and hopped off right at the border. We strolled across into Mexico and for $25 took a cab ride to the town/city of Rosarito. It was spring break, and despite the rain and the friggin river of muddy water running down the middle of the street, the place was packed. Walking around the street was like walking around in a club, and the different clubs were more like different rooms. They were very designed to be outdoors, with windows that never really closed and an open wall section as an entrance.

We spent most of the night at Senor Frogs, and drank ourselves shitty for $15. Everyone was dancing, girls were on top of the cracked wooden bar dancing, tartisel was taking pictures of all of them. With the flash on. They didn't like that. At about 2 we left and walked down the river/street to a little taco stand. In 45 seconds we passed two other taco stands and chose this one, for no reason. For $1 a piece I ate the best tacos of my life. Me and ryan had 8 or 9 tacos each. Beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, and shrimp tacos. Guacamole and tomato. Fresh made tortilla. Oh my lord it was yum, they were about the size of your hand, and oh so good. Then we headed back.

We had to get a cab ride back, and after Tart cursed out 3 cab drivers for their high prices, we took the fourth one we found, for the same high price. As soon as we started driving, the kid Dave that was there started puking, but his mexican window wouldn't open, so he had to open the mexican cabs door and puke out that way. The driver never even slowed down, so I had to hold dave as he leaned out. I wound up with puke on me as a result of this.

About 10 minutes later, just long enough to get away from any kind of organized town and get most of the way up a modest mexican mountain, the cab broke down. Goddamn clutch burned out, just like drunken wise-ass tartisel sarcastically said it was going to when we first got in. That bastard. Dave was still puking out the door, so for some reason me and T decided that if we could get it to the top of the mountain we could coast down the other side. True, but even that wouldn't have been nearly far enough to get us back to the border. But we were determined. 3 or 4 different times we tried pushing this cab up the f'n mountain. I wanted to puke from the physical exertion mixed with the night of drinking and extreme lack of rest. My all white shoes were covered in mexican mud and puke, and several times i caught myself looking off the side of the little mountain over Mexico and thinking "thats really Mexico. It seems more civilized than i thought."

With our futile attempts at cab pushing looking less and less hopeful, the driver who spoke no english (who doesn't speak english? This is Mexico, for christ' sake!) went to the trunk and got exactly what you would think you would need to fix a burnt out clutch.

A tire iron.

Thaaaats right, folks. Apparently them Mexicans can do wonders with a tire iron, 'cause this guy was convinced everything was ok once he found it. Tartisel ran around and mockingly checked each tire, and said "Nope! tires are fine effe, don't need that shit!" My white shoes ruined, and my body defeated, i got in the cab with dave and waited for what i was sure was going to end with the cops coming and arresting us with hopes of a bribe.

But them mexi's have communication too, 'cause another cab showed up about 20 minutes later to take us back to the border. Its worth mentioning at this point that once we got into the new cab, the first cabby got in his car and drove it away. Drove that cab away. Wtf? I still don't know how that happened.

I fell asleep for the next 15 minutes while we travelled back to the USA. We got back to the border, ryan tried unsuccessfully to purchase a bottle of liquor from a closed mexican convenience store, and we crossed over. We didn't want to wait for the trolly so we took an American cab, which we knew would make it, back to our hotel and crashed. I was more grateful for that sleep than i have been for any other.

It was very fun. I unfortunately didn't bring my camera into Mexico, because of the horror stories i heard about the Mexican cops robbing you, but they never bothered us. Oh well. I got a good look at the city of San Diego on the way back up to L.A., nice lookin place. Looks ... cleaner? nicer? ... somehow better than L.A., just less popular.

This blog is running long now, but i'll have more about my west coast trip for your eager eyes to read in the next few days. The horror stories about the corruption in Mexico may be true, if so i lucked out. But it may be worth the risk for you, to get a taste of some of those tacos.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Manifest Destiny

Tomorrow I fly to L.A. ! I'm psyched to see James, Tartisel, and Scott. I'll be seeing Seth too. I'm staying at Seth/James place, where their girlfriends also live. And they have a big dog. 4 people and a dog, and i'll be sleeping on the couch. Those are some lucky 4 people, and one lucky dog. I might spend a night at scotts, or tarts, or both, if they invite me. Give the James/Seth house a break. Either way i'm gonna have me some fun. I'll bring my camera and my laptop so i'll try to get some pictures accessible to everyone (everyone who cares) while i'm out there. Woohoo fun for me. We might go to San Diego and Mexico. Mexico! Abby you KNOW you love it. We might not. We might also go to Vegas. I've been there already, so i'd prefer Mexico.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sounds Familiar

This country is severely divided on some key issues. Some of the most prominent issues being the death penalty, abortion, and gay marriage. I was thinking about the marriage issue, and to me it seems simple. Gay marriage should be legal. A constitutional ban on gay marriage just seems absurd. The country has become so screwed up, so wrapped up in its divisive state of taking hard stands, that gay marriage has become an "issue." Two guys/girls want to get together and fuck each other, why do you give a shit! They don't want you to participate, or even watch. Anway, thats my stand on it.

But for some time there, I was thinking along the lines of compromise. Give equal rights to gay couples, give them all the same benefits that a married straight couple gets, just without the marriage certificate. Even create a new title for it, "life partners" or whatever the hell, i dunno. Seems fair enough, the only thing missing is the governments recognition of a legitimate marriage. And in matters of love that might not be so important. So while I certainly don't agree with banning gay marriage at all, maybe it was a fair compromise with the other side.Then, last week, a california judge made a ruling that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Good, i thought. But in his ruling, he made a statement that changed my way of thinking about it. The compromise i talk about above is unacceptable. The only way this is going to end is with legal gay marriage nation wide. Giving equal rights to gay couples - but not actually letting them marry - sounded familiar. It is reminiscent of a concept that the U.S. judicial system shot down decades ago. It is a concept that this country has deemed unacceptable. It is a concept that America used for years to justify racial segragation, before finally being corrected by the Supreme Court. "Seperate But Equal" didn't work out for the racists in the fifties, and it isn't going to fly now.

Gay marriage will be legal one day. It is the only fair and American outcome. In 25, 50, 100 years, the people of the time will look back on their ignorant ancestors that tried to ban gay marriage the same way most people today look back on the racist ancestors we have. The kids of the time will talk about their grandparents ... will talk about you, if that is the case ... as "old fashioned and homophobic" if you still complain about gay's getting married. My grandfather still describes black people as "colored," and i suspect he does not really approve of interracial couples. He is from a time when thats how the nation thought. A time that America has grown out of and matured from, for the most part.

It will be the same way with gay marriages. America continues to mature. Are you going to be an ignorant old homophobe? Or have you already, or will you, grow and learn with the rest of the nation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I ordered an ion air filter off of Amazon. As some of you know, i spent all last week in bed with a high fever and infected tonsils. It was the worst week of my life. Anyway, since ive been staying in the room in which i currently live, the mold/dust of the basement below me has been bothering me a lot. And i thought it may have even played a small roll in the infection. So, I bought an ion air filter off of amazon.

The interesting part is that i chose the free shipping option. Amazon has the super-saver shipping on certain items over $25, and the air filter was $32 and qualified for free shipping. The only thing is it takes longer to ship. 5 - 9 days, it says. I ordered it on Monday afternoon from work, and on Tuesday night i was setting it up in my bedroom.

Thats amazing, Amazon. That thing must have been sitting on the dock somewhere on long island ready to go before I even ordered it! I don't know how they do what they do over there. It scares me that they are recommending a bunch of baby supplies to me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Two wheelin

I might take a motorcycle driving class. If you pass the class you get your motorcycle lisence too. Plus it'll give me a chance to ride a bike and decide if i like it or not. It never seemed like something I'd altogether enjoy, but i want to at least try it. The instructive and safe setting of a class seems just the right place to try it.

I understand they train you on "cruisers" ... harley types. I'm not sure what kind of bike i'd want to buy. I always assumed i'd want a cruiser-harley type. Doesn't have to be a big hog badass lookin thing. But two guys I know have the sport bikes. Bright colors and names like "ninja" and "katana". I automatically wrote bikes like that off in the past, but now i'd have to consider having one. I don't know why, i just like 'em! They seem much more efficient.

It'd be cool to criss cross the country on a bike with a friend or two. A buddy of mine was talking this weekend about how he wants to take a leave of absense from work and just travel the country on his harley. It'd be friggin awesome if I could join him on a bike of my own. Even cooler if we could get a third Amigo out of L.A. to come on his bike too. It would be an experience to remember for the rest of our lives.

So I'll check this class out at least, see how much it costs and when i can take it. Get a taste for life on the road!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mr Happy Face

Put on a happy face !

A la Me!

I'm gonna start making dinner at night instead of eating taco bell or burger king or cheerios. This is one of those plans thats never really going to pan out, but I'm gonna have a go at it. The problem is i'm going to have to spend money on food as well as make the effort of both cooking AND cleaning. I still haven't figured out if its cheaper to make your own dinner or just buy take out. But its definitely cheaper to buy take out than it is to make your own food thats good for you.

I've realized how freaking expensive it is to eat healthy. Both monetarily and in the effort required in preparing the food. And cleaning too, gotta clean up after yourself too. It really kind of sucks. Especially when I come home from work hungry, i do not feel like waiting 45 minutes for dinner let ALONE spending those 45 minutes making the dinner.

Anyway, what my gourmet arsenal consists of for now will be
sausage peppers
eggplant / chicken parmesian

Thats about it. There'll be others too, that involve kit-type food. For instance grilled chicken and pasta roni type meal. Or hamburger helper! There's a bunch of stuff tahts easy to make and actually pretty good. These things are also prime candidates for lunch the next day. Some pasta meals too, though i'm not really sure I count pasta/sauce as cooking. Probably because i already know how to do it, and if i can do it it must not be cooking. There's a cooking class at BOCES for $159 i might take. There's 2 of them actually, maybe i'll take them both. It wouldn't solve the problem of me being too lazy to cook and clean it all up though.

One of my less attainable goals is to one day have a personal chef in the house. And some illegal immigrant maid. And maybe a nutrionist, or the chef can double as a nutrionist. OOhhh yea, thats the way. A chef/nutrionist. They can make more than they would as either chef or nutrionist, but cost less than hiring them seperately!

Monday, February 28, 2005


Snow can be so fun and nice, when you get to sit in your home and let it pile up outside. You can watch it through your windows and even go out and play in it, if you are so inclined, creating snow persons and snow angels and throwing snow balls at friends. Go inside and enjoy your choice of any number of warmed drinks. Its a good excuse to just chill in your home, and one of the times when actually being in your home is nicer than being outside of it. I enjoy the snow for all these reasons every time a storm comes ..... on the weekend.

But the goddamn snow also hits during the week sometimes, more often than not. Which makes sense, since "the week" is more often than not. Freaking putting my life in DANGER! on my commute home. The roads are never plowed by 6. Oh no, they're never plowed by 6. An hour or more later i get home ... if i'm lucky enough to have survived the trip. An hour! Of commuting in life threatening conditions. Have to shovel the shit out in the dark so i can get up and commute to work the next day in bad traffic at best. A lovely side effect of this .... and i'm talkin' about both weekend and goddamn weekday snows.... is that your car gets covered in salt/dirt/shit !

We've got a "noreaster" coming in tonight. Awesome maybe i'll die on the way home. If not I'll be rewarded with shoveling myself out of my driveway and waking up early to possibly do the same thing tomorrow morning. And the roads won't be plowed yet either.

Oh no, they won't be plowed.

I will find a brief moment of pleasure in enjoying the view of a winter wonderland, with all that i can see covered in snow as it still falls peacefully from the sky. A brief moment, and i'm back to having to live my life in the shit again. I'd rather just take a picture of it with me to warmer climates.

Snow is a main factor in pushing the earth into ice ages, you know! Goddamn snow, the longer it sits around the more sunlight / heat it reflects away from earth. The more it does that, the colder it gets, the more snow there is. It feeds itself in this viscous cycle, causing glaciers 2 miles high to advance as far south as long island. Even the edges of the walls of ice were half a mile high. It'd be pretty fun to stand on the ground and look up at 2000 feet of ice, while knowing that for thousands of miles behind this wall is nothing but more ice, 2 miles high. The continents sag under all the weight, and spend thousands of years returning to their previous altitudes afterwards. They are still inflating themselves back to their natural positions today, after the last glacier age crushed them down. The planet stays frozen until its very active, very molten, very hot innards decide to burst out - as they do every couple millenia - in select places and melt the sonabitch glaciers.

Goddamn snow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

With Difficulty

There are things in this world which I greatly enjoy. In this episode of, i will rate these most favorite things of mine against one another. It is a hard task, but I'm up for it.

Coen Brothers movies
Good god, but they do some good work, those two dorks from ... from North Dakota, i believe. Their movies have a unique style to them that touches me and so many others in oh so pleasurable ways. a'heh heh heh. Well, here they are in order from best to ... to "least best".
1) The Big Lebowski.
2) Intolerable Cruelty
3) Fargo
4) O Brother Where Art Thou
5) Miller's Crossing
6) Man Who Wasn't There
7) Hudsucker Proxy
8) Ladykillers

Fantasy Books
I'm a dork.
I like Robert Jordans series more than any others i've read because there's so much going on thats unwritten, that will never BE written, but is there for you to discover. Or at least look up on the internet. I dislike Terry Goodkind more with every book he writes, to the point where i've just stopped reading them.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) Lord of Chaos
3) Winters Heart
4) Clash of Kings
5) The Dragon Reborn
6) Storm Of Swords

I love to eat but most of the time I have to try to curb it. Were it feasible for me to constantly eat until i felt like bursting, I would. This list is subject to change depending on the mood i'm in, but at this moment I feel like the following.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) rare sirloin
3) meaty lasagana
4) Hooters 911 wings
5) eggplant paremesian
6) Burrito and guacamole from Viva Juan.

Video Games
Haven't really been playing much lately, and from the looks of it if i ever played World of Warcraft it would be #1 and I'd never stop playing.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) Quake II, only in evans room though.
3) Legend of Zelda.
4) Age Empires, again in evans room.
5) Warcraft 3
6) The latest Madden game
7) GTA: Vice City

Long Time Friends
This should be fun.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) Chris
3) Mike
4) Paul
5) Seth. If I could rate him lower I would.

Girls I've slept with.
Hah! I kid. I'll list the big l for consistency.
1) The Big Lebowski.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Because you love me

Buy me things.

I know there's at least two of you out there reading this bitch now. Lets see who loves me more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I dig Firefox, man! It seems to be more lightweight than Internet Explorer, and the tabbed windows are a very good feature. I like the way the buttons look too :) It doesn't handle some HTML code like it should, and it was a pretty big pain in the ass for me to get a page i was programming to work with both IE and Firefox, but I still use it. At least I got it to work, which is more than i can say for my bank, whos website f's up if you use Firefox to view it.

Anyway I suggest you download Firefox and try it out. Its also much safer to use than IE, since like 100% of the web browser virus/malware/bullshit-annoyingness thats out there infects through weaknesses in IE. Thats not to say that Firefox has no weaknesses, just that nobody bothers to write malicious code to take advantage of it, since it wouldn't have much of an impact because not many people use Firefox anyway.

Try it out.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Our Commander In Chief

As left wing, anti bush, blue tie democrat that I am, I must say I'm not completely unhappy with the job Dubya has been doing to start off his second term. He is encouraging bipartisan efforts in congress, making significant progress with the middle east crisis, and at least presenting an attempt at a fiscally responsible budget.

And he wants to fix Social Security. This, I support. For the zero people that read this, I will briefly explain. Basically, out of your paycheck the gov't takes 6% of your money for social security, which your employer matches (so the gov't gets 12%). This money is used to pay people, mostly old retired people, their social security checks. They paid their 6% their entire life, and now they get yours. When you are old and retired, some young kid will be paying 6% to the gov't and you will be getting the check. Well, thats the plan.

The problem is, its not going to work out like that. More people are going onto social security than are paying into it, so there's not enough money coming in. Plus the governemtn uses the money for stuff other than social security, which its not supposed to do, but whatever. They do a lot of shit they shouldn't. Anyway, thats the problem, or so the bush camp says. Democrats will mostly say its not really a problem, at least not for a very long time.

What the MAN wants to do is allow people to use 4 of that 6%, and invest it into personal retirement accounts. That means your money is saved and invested for you, and when you retire you get it. No need to worry about someone else paying social security for you to collect, you've got your own money in your own account saved up over your entire carreer.

This presents two problems. 1) With only 2% left over going into current social security, how is the goverment going to have enough money to pay out all the social security benefits to those folks already on it right now? and 2) It makes your retirement subject to the whims of the stock market.

To both 1 and 2, i say "Bah." Bah! How's the government going to pay? Who cares, figure it out, its a one time cost to fix a desperate issue. (Again, the dems will argue that the issue is not so desperate.) My retirement subject to the stock market? Pardon me, but my and everyone else my age's real retirement is our 401k and whatever personal investments we are wise enough to make on our own, which is already subject to the stock market. The personal investment accounts will be restricted to very low risk investments.

More frightening to me is the government involement with investments in public companies. I'm talking about a government that may, in order to see its social security plan succeed, show strong favor to certain companies that have large amounts of Social Security money invested in them. This is a very discomforting thought to me.

So for the social security, i support the effort of reform, and the plan doesn't sound half bad. It may need some tweaking though. The middle east progress looks good, but you never know with that hell hole over there. I guess we'll see what happens with Iran and North Korea. North Korea is kinda askin for it right now, i really hope Bush and his cronies don't take the bait.

While I am impressed with what i've discussed here, this is still a president that would make constitutional ammendments banning abortion and gay marriage. This is still a president that not only do i feel I am smarter than, but that most other people are too. This is still a president that I would never vote for. But at least there's something for me to put in the pro's column now.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Three out of four. Not bad New England. They beat the Colts, Steelers, and finally the Eagles to win the superbowl. A tougher road to the superbowl, I cannot imagine. I was rooting for the Patriots since they defeated the Colts, who i would have preferred win. I kind of like having a modern dynasty in football though, which is why i was rooting for them. I just wish they weren't in the same division as the Jets.

Man am I excited about the 2005 Giants season though. I'll be following their offseason moves closely. I think Eli can become a major threat this season, only his second in the league, if they give him the right tools. He played some very good games in only his first half season, despite his dismal record. As for the Jets, who knows. In the shape they're in now, they'll never win the big games they need to.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Speculative Sciences

In recent weeks I've been referred to two different web pages discussing two questionable advances in science, namely stopping the aging process and time travel into the past. If you're curious, time travel into the future has been proven possible and actually accomplished. Twice.

Both of these topics present questions not only of feasibility, but also of responsibility. As for the latter, it is normally the argument in science that we should strive to achieve whatever could be possible, and deal with the uses and consequences of such advances later. Unfortunately thats usually up to politicians. But I'll think about these questions in regard to these two topics in particular.

Ronald Mallett is attempting to create a time machine that will travel into the past. As i said before, future time travel has already been proven and accomplished. It works by moving really really fast and forcing time to pass slower, maybe a million times slower. In this case after 1 year, a million earth years have ellapsed and you're in the future. We're gonna have to take Einsteins word for it on this one, because for me to attempt to explain the small bit of this i think i understand would be silly. But this notion doesn't really apply to backwards time travel. Before reading the aforementioned article, I had thought that time travel into the past was impossible. As in proven impossible. I guess not, a lot of the world is taking this guy seriously. Though there are skeptics as to the way in which Mallett intends to accomplish this feat, even they seemingly admit that the theory is possible.
And what of the famous grandfather paradox, in which a man travels back in time and kills grandpa, then pops out of existence. Then his grandfather is alive again, and he pops back in, and kills him again. How would such a scenario resolve itself? Stephen Hawking thinks that the laws of nature would prevent this from happening, as in you go to shoot your grandfather and the gun jams, etc. Mallet believes that there are an infinite number of universes representing all possible scenarios as reality. Maybe he's right, and altering with the past could sort of twist these numerous universes into each other, creating a hybrid universe where you're grandfather was killed before he had any kids, but you're still alive.
But assume it's possible and in our grasp to create backwards time travel. Should we? And I'm ignoring the automatic "yes" from scientists for the purposes of my blog. Imagine the power of backwards time travel in the hands of George W. Bush. If it existed today, thats exactly where it'd be. Hopefully i don't need to explain how bad THAT could be. Basically, people with the advantage of access to time travel could use it increase their advantage even further, and pretty much have their way with the world. If i had to choose right now, I'd say create backwards time travel if you can. But I don't think you can.

And how about immortality! Ok maybe not immortality, but a cure for aging. Aging is the molecular and chemical changes the body undergoes over time. I certainly believe preventing these damaging changes altogether is possible, but there's a HUGE question as to if we should! Well whoever made that website seems to think we should, and they're only real argument for it is pretty much that we should do everything and let whatever happens happen. They also try to say that nature would find a way to reach equilibrium with never-dying humans. I dunno, on my first read I didn't buy it. I guess i could convince myself that it would be ok to have everlasting life for everybody, but it would take some real convincing. So if i had to choose right now, I'd say don't cure aging. But I think you can.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Can I live with being poor

I've got a real problem. I want to be rich ... like really rich. Like buy giant houses for family and friends type rich. Who doesn't, I know. But this is my blog. The thing is I don't think i'll ever enjoy working. I get so bored with anything after 40 hour work weeks, there's no job that could keep my interest for a 30 year career (rock stardom and other famous making-millions type jobs excluded).

But I do have a plan, though some key details are missing. I believe the way for a normal non-famous person to get rich is to make money. I know, i know. But it gets more specific. I think you've got to have a corporation. This does not mean that you need to own a big office building and have tens to hundreds of employee's. The corporation may only be some paperwork, and its only employee could be yourself.

Once you have this corporation, it must start making money. How it makes money is not all that important, but it must make money. (How my corporation will make money is key detail #1 that is missing). But once this corporation makes its money, it must wisely invest it and grow it.

The real key to all this is the money saved on taxes. Efforts must be made to absolutely minimize taxes paid by your corporation. Taxes paid on profits left over after all deductions and investments, as well as from profits from previous investments, all need to be minized. One way to minimize taxes on investments is to find good long term investments. This will allow your money to grow over many years without ever having to sell, and therefore never paying taxes. Buying and selling a lot will not only increase tax liability but increase brokerage commissions as well.

So anyway, like I said, how the corporation makes money isn't all that important, but it does need to make money. How it invests its money and minimizes its taxes is whats going to make somebody rich. Hopefully me. I just to figure out how to make money.

Some books that led to this thinking of mine are listed below.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad A good book to read to get your financial thinking on the right track. I wouldn't reccommend any other books in the rich dad series though. They kinda stink.
Buffettology My favorite book on securities investing. Very well written and easy to understand, while giving great advice. Was reccommended to me by my banker roomate, and his banker coworkers.
The Small Investor A good book to read at first to get some basic terminology down and a general understanding of investing.
The Intelligent Investor A little difficult to get through, but basically this is the bible of modern investing. It is what Warren Buffet describes as the best book ever written on the subject. Buffettology may be a better way to start.
Inc and Grow Rich ! Haven't actually read this one yet, but have seen two reccommendations in other readings of mine. Basically I'm lookin for a book that will detail the steps of creating your own corporation.
The 16% Solution Haven't read this one either, but I hear its great. It's about a very specific area of investing, namely real estate lein certificates.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Short History

I've been reading this book A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It is basically the history of science in the world. Physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, biology... all of the main sciences are discussed in very easy to read chapters. There are no equations or terms that only a scientist would understand, but just stories about the early and modern scientists discovering what makes up our world and our universe, and how they came to be. I find it very interesting and I learn something new nearly every page of the book.

The most interesting sections to me are the sections on physics, particularly the physics that make up Einsteins universe. It is very difficult to understand his revolutionary theories of relativity because its nearly impossible to relate to what they are saying. These theories so starkly contradict intuitive thinking its amazing Einstein was ever able to contemplate them, let alone convince himself that they were true.

The book has peaked my interest in matters of "macro physics," as in physics of the universe (Einsteins theories), and quantum physics, which is physics on scale with the atom. Apparently, the two are believed to work completely differently (though not entirely so by Einstein, with his famous but misquoted "God doesn't play dice.")

I won't go into the boring detail of what exactly got me so into the physics of this book, i'd probably get it all wrong anyway. But I'd definitely recommend the book to anyone. Yea, anyone. It's such an easy read you don't have to be a scientist, mathematician, college graduate , or any other token "smart person" to enjoy it. Check it out.

And be warned, I am somewhat tempted to write a blog discussing these Einsteinian and quantum physics.

Friday, January 21, 2005


I use my iPod constantly. I have a small iPod stereo in my bedroom that i dock the iPod to for listening. It actually gets pretty damn loud. I have an RCA Y-cable dangling out of my stereo in the dining room that i can easily plug into the iPod for house-wide music. And i can of course use the headphones to listen to music on the go. I have not begun using iPod for my car listening -- yet.

Anyway, I'm feeling that Apple really has the hardware design and interface shit down pat. And their new Mac Mini is just an awesome idea. It's the perfect solution for anyone that isn't computer savvy. Browse the web, check email, and make use of Apple's iLife software suite. You can use it to record your own music and make home movies etc.... stuff that everyday users can have fun with. Plus it is inherently safe from most virus', being a Mac. With a $499 price tag, this thing should make Apple some good money, and some users very happy. I can almost say that with confidence.

Almost, because as impressed as I am with Apple's interfaces (and in the case of the Mac Mini, the price), I am not altogether impressed with their software yet, and thats important. While i may not have much experience with Mac OS, the limited time i did spend with it did not leave me with a great impression. This could be attributed to the fact that i was just not accustomed to it. But i use iTunes frequently, and I dislike that as well.

If Apple can improve it's software some (or already has and i haven't realized it) the Mac Mini would make for a great computer for the non-techincal parent or musical sibling who never used a computer before. If i spend some time in front of one (and I intend to), I will write a blog here about my experience with it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


So my girlfriend bought me a little shower-kit from the body shop, containing all sorts of mens products from Anthony ... or "Logistics for men," as they are called. Having never used these metrosexual products before, i was excited to try something new. It includes some shaving creams which have made my face ohhh so happy lately. First a preshave oil is applied.. imagine rubbing olive oil all over your face. Just about the same. Then the Anthony shave cream goes on top of that and shave away! (they also have a cream/oil for electric shavers as well). The blade just glides over your face leaving a smooth and non-irritated result that would make a baby's ass jealous. I've also experimented with some of the facial cleansers it comes with, they all smell nice i guess but i haven't really noticed my face being particularly clean. But after the shower, the "After shave balm" is applied and you're good to go.

I'd make fun of me too, but you know you want to try it now. Anthony - logistics for men. Guys, try it, ladies - buy your men some and give him an excuse to try it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


This article made me laugh, funnier if you are familiar with Da Ali G show. If you aren't, you should familiarize yourself stat.

LONDON (Reuters) - British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen escaped a near-riot at an American rodeo while filming his satirical "Da Ali G Show."

According to a report in the Roanoke (Virginia) Times, a man who was introduced as Boraq Sagdiyev from Kazakhstan -- in reality a Cohen character named Borat -- appeared at the rodeo over the weekend after organizers agreed to have him sing the national anthem.

After telling the crowd he supported America's war on terrorism, he said, "I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, down to the lizards ... And may George W. Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq." He then sang a garbled version of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The Roanoke Times reported that the crowd turned "downright nasty." One observer said "If he had been out there a minute longer, I think somebody would have shot him."
Cohen and his film crew were escorted out of the Salem Civic Center and told to leave the premises.

"Had we not gotten them out of there, there would have been a riot," rodeo producer Bobby Rowe told the paper. "They loaded up the van and they screeched out of there."

It is not the first time Cohen has wooed controversy with his show, which airs on Channel 4 in the UK and on HBO in the United States. In one episode last year, Borat sang an anti-Semitic song called "Throw the Jew Down the Well" at a U.S. country music bar, prompting protests from the U.S-based Anti-Defamation League.

Producers of the Ali G show, Talkback Thames, were unavailable for comment.


Does Doug Brien suck?

I had posted this on another site as well, so i'll paste it here so I can see how this blogger looks with a list of blogs, instead of just the one. But does Doug Brien suck?

Well he did in the final game of the jets 2004 season. He had two chances to win a playoff game and send the Jets to the AFC Championship game and missed them. Within about 5 minutes of each other. Maybe not easy, but makeable.

The offense only scored 3 points in the entire game. Marvelous. So the offense sucked too. They should have scored more points, gotten closer for Brien, but they didn't. That doesn't let the kicker off the hook. Wherever the offense puts you inside say the 33, it's your job to make the damn kick. Especially for the win. In the playoffs. When you get two chances.

And he missed a kick on the opening drive against San Diego that would have prevented overtime there as well.You owe the Jets big time next season, Doug. Screw you.

(Briefly, screw John Abraham too. This is the playoffs. Play.)

Hear me now

So it begins. I've been reading some friends blogs of late, and the more I read the more I feel like saying. So i'll start a blog for myself to read! I will not link to my blog from anywhere, it is only here as a place for me to get out what it is i'm thinking. All very deep and meaningful, I assure you. I'm sure there will be blogs on such topics as sports, books, music, movies, as well as more specific things like work, my weekend, and how my shower went this morning. Intriguing I know, but you'll have to be patient.