Thursday, January 27, 2005

Can I live with being poor

I've got a real problem. I want to be rich ... like really rich. Like buy giant houses for family and friends type rich. Who doesn't, I know. But this is my blog. The thing is I don't think i'll ever enjoy working. I get so bored with anything after 40 hour work weeks, there's no job that could keep my interest for a 30 year career (rock stardom and other famous making-millions type jobs excluded).

But I do have a plan, though some key details are missing. I believe the way for a normal non-famous person to get rich is to make money. I know, i know. But it gets more specific. I think you've got to have a corporation. This does not mean that you need to own a big office building and have tens to hundreds of employee's. The corporation may only be some paperwork, and its only employee could be yourself.

Once you have this corporation, it must start making money. How it makes money is not all that important, but it must make money. (How my corporation will make money is key detail #1 that is missing). But once this corporation makes its money, it must wisely invest it and grow it.

The real key to all this is the money saved on taxes. Efforts must be made to absolutely minimize taxes paid by your corporation. Taxes paid on profits left over after all deductions and investments, as well as from profits from previous investments, all need to be minized. One way to minimize taxes on investments is to find good long term investments. This will allow your money to grow over many years without ever having to sell, and therefore never paying taxes. Buying and selling a lot will not only increase tax liability but increase brokerage commissions as well.

So anyway, like I said, how the corporation makes money isn't all that important, but it does need to make money. How it invests its money and minimizes its taxes is whats going to make somebody rich. Hopefully me. I just to figure out how to make money.

Some books that led to this thinking of mine are listed below.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad A good book to read to get your financial thinking on the right track. I wouldn't reccommend any other books in the rich dad series though. They kinda stink.
Buffettology My favorite book on securities investing. Very well written and easy to understand, while giving great advice. Was reccommended to me by my banker roomate, and his banker coworkers.
The Small Investor A good book to read at first to get some basic terminology down and a general understanding of investing.
The Intelligent Investor A little difficult to get through, but basically this is the bible of modern investing. It is what Warren Buffet describes as the best book ever written on the subject. Buffettology may be a better way to start.
Inc and Grow Rich ! Haven't actually read this one yet, but have seen two reccommendations in other readings of mine. Basically I'm lookin for a book that will detail the steps of creating your own corporation.
The 16% Solution Haven't read this one either, but I hear its great. It's about a very specific area of investing, namely real estate lein certificates.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Short History

I've been reading this book A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It is basically the history of science in the world. Physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, biology... all of the main sciences are discussed in very easy to read chapters. There are no equations or terms that only a scientist would understand, but just stories about the early and modern scientists discovering what makes up our world and our universe, and how they came to be. I find it very interesting and I learn something new nearly every page of the book.

The most interesting sections to me are the sections on physics, particularly the physics that make up Einsteins universe. It is very difficult to understand his revolutionary theories of relativity because its nearly impossible to relate to what they are saying. These theories so starkly contradict intuitive thinking its amazing Einstein was ever able to contemplate them, let alone convince himself that they were true.

The book has peaked my interest in matters of "macro physics," as in physics of the universe (Einsteins theories), and quantum physics, which is physics on scale with the atom. Apparently, the two are believed to work completely differently (though not entirely so by Einstein, with his famous but misquoted "God doesn't play dice.")

I won't go into the boring detail of what exactly got me so into the physics of this book, i'd probably get it all wrong anyway. But I'd definitely recommend the book to anyone. Yea, anyone. It's such an easy read you don't have to be a scientist, mathematician, college graduate , or any other token "smart person" to enjoy it. Check it out.

And be warned, I am somewhat tempted to write a blog discussing these Einsteinian and quantum physics.

Friday, January 21, 2005


I use my iPod constantly. I have a small iPod stereo in my bedroom that i dock the iPod to for listening. It actually gets pretty damn loud. I have an RCA Y-cable dangling out of my stereo in the dining room that i can easily plug into the iPod for house-wide music. And i can of course use the headphones to listen to music on the go. I have not begun using iPod for my car listening -- yet.

Anyway, I'm feeling that Apple really has the hardware design and interface shit down pat. And their new Mac Mini is just an awesome idea. It's the perfect solution for anyone that isn't computer savvy. Browse the web, check email, and make use of Apple's iLife software suite. You can use it to record your own music and make home movies etc.... stuff that everyday users can have fun with. Plus it is inherently safe from most virus', being a Mac. With a $499 price tag, this thing should make Apple some good money, and some users very happy. I can almost say that with confidence.

Almost, because as impressed as I am with Apple's interfaces (and in the case of the Mac Mini, the price), I am not altogether impressed with their software yet, and thats important. While i may not have much experience with Mac OS, the limited time i did spend with it did not leave me with a great impression. This could be attributed to the fact that i was just not accustomed to it. But i use iTunes frequently, and I dislike that as well.

If Apple can improve it's software some (or already has and i haven't realized it) the Mac Mini would make for a great computer for the non-techincal parent or musical sibling who never used a computer before. If i spend some time in front of one (and I intend to), I will write a blog here about my experience with it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


So my girlfriend bought me a little shower-kit from the body shop, containing all sorts of mens products from Anthony ... or "Logistics for men," as they are called. Having never used these metrosexual products before, i was excited to try something new. It includes some shaving creams which have made my face ohhh so happy lately. First a preshave oil is applied.. imagine rubbing olive oil all over your face. Just about the same. Then the Anthony shave cream goes on top of that and shave away! (they also have a cream/oil for electric shavers as well). The blade just glides over your face leaving a smooth and non-irritated result that would make a baby's ass jealous. I've also experimented with some of the facial cleansers it comes with, they all smell nice i guess but i haven't really noticed my face being particularly clean. But after the shower, the "After shave balm" is applied and you're good to go.

I'd make fun of me too, but you know you want to try it now. Anthony - logistics for men. Guys, try it, ladies - buy your men some and give him an excuse to try it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


This article made me laugh, funnier if you are familiar with Da Ali G show. If you aren't, you should familiarize yourself stat.

LONDON (Reuters) - British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen escaped a near-riot at an American rodeo while filming his satirical "Da Ali G Show."

According to a report in the Roanoke (Virginia) Times, a man who was introduced as Boraq Sagdiyev from Kazakhstan -- in reality a Cohen character named Borat -- appeared at the rodeo over the weekend after organizers agreed to have him sing the national anthem.

After telling the crowd he supported America's war on terrorism, he said, "I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, down to the lizards ... And may George W. Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq." He then sang a garbled version of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The Roanoke Times reported that the crowd turned "downright nasty." One observer said "If he had been out there a minute longer, I think somebody would have shot him."
Cohen and his film crew were escorted out of the Salem Civic Center and told to leave the premises.

"Had we not gotten them out of there, there would have been a riot," rodeo producer Bobby Rowe told the paper. "They loaded up the van and they screeched out of there."

It is not the first time Cohen has wooed controversy with his show, which airs on Channel 4 in the UK and on HBO in the United States. In one episode last year, Borat sang an anti-Semitic song called "Throw the Jew Down the Well" at a U.S. country music bar, prompting protests from the U.S-based Anti-Defamation League.

Producers of the Ali G show, Talkback Thames, were unavailable for comment.


Does Doug Brien suck?

I had posted this on another site as well, so i'll paste it here so I can see how this blogger looks with a list of blogs, instead of just the one. But does Doug Brien suck?

Well he did in the final game of the jets 2004 season. He had two chances to win a playoff game and send the Jets to the AFC Championship game and missed them. Within about 5 minutes of each other. Maybe not easy, but makeable.

The offense only scored 3 points in the entire game. Marvelous. So the offense sucked too. They should have scored more points, gotten closer for Brien, but they didn't. That doesn't let the kicker off the hook. Wherever the offense puts you inside say the 33, it's your job to make the damn kick. Especially for the win. In the playoffs. When you get two chances.

And he missed a kick on the opening drive against San Diego that would have prevented overtime there as well.You owe the Jets big time next season, Doug. Screw you.

(Briefly, screw John Abraham too. This is the playoffs. Play.)

Hear me now

So it begins. I've been reading some friends blogs of late, and the more I read the more I feel like saying. So i'll start a blog for myself to read! I will not link to my blog from anywhere, it is only here as a place for me to get out what it is i'm thinking. All very deep and meaningful, I assure you. I'm sure there will be blogs on such topics as sports, books, music, movies, as well as more specific things like work, my weekend, and how my shower went this morning. Intriguing I know, but you'll have to be patient.