Monday, February 28, 2005


Snow can be so fun and nice, when you get to sit in your home and let it pile up outside. You can watch it through your windows and even go out and play in it, if you are so inclined, creating snow persons and snow angels and throwing snow balls at friends. Go inside and enjoy your choice of any number of warmed drinks. Its a good excuse to just chill in your home, and one of the times when actually being in your home is nicer than being outside of it. I enjoy the snow for all these reasons every time a storm comes ..... on the weekend.

But the goddamn snow also hits during the week sometimes, more often than not. Which makes sense, since "the week" is more often than not. Freaking putting my life in DANGER! on my commute home. The roads are never plowed by 6. Oh no, they're never plowed by 6. An hour or more later i get home ... if i'm lucky enough to have survived the trip. An hour! Of commuting in life threatening conditions. Have to shovel the shit out in the dark so i can get up and commute to work the next day in bad traffic at best. A lovely side effect of this .... and i'm talkin' about both weekend and goddamn weekday snows.... is that your car gets covered in salt/dirt/shit !

We've got a "noreaster" coming in tonight. Awesome maybe i'll die on the way home. If not I'll be rewarded with shoveling myself out of my driveway and waking up early to possibly do the same thing tomorrow morning. And the roads won't be plowed yet either.

Oh no, they won't be plowed.

I will find a brief moment of pleasure in enjoying the view of a winter wonderland, with all that i can see covered in snow as it still falls peacefully from the sky. A brief moment, and i'm back to having to live my life in the shit again. I'd rather just take a picture of it with me to warmer climates.

Snow is a main factor in pushing the earth into ice ages, you know! Goddamn snow, the longer it sits around the more sunlight / heat it reflects away from earth. The more it does that, the colder it gets, the more snow there is. It feeds itself in this viscous cycle, causing glaciers 2 miles high to advance as far south as long island. Even the edges of the walls of ice were half a mile high. It'd be pretty fun to stand on the ground and look up at 2000 feet of ice, while knowing that for thousands of miles behind this wall is nothing but more ice, 2 miles high. The continents sag under all the weight, and spend thousands of years returning to their previous altitudes afterwards. They are still inflating themselves back to their natural positions today, after the last glacier age crushed them down. The planet stays frozen until its very active, very molten, very hot innards decide to burst out - as they do every couple millenia - in select places and melt the sonabitch glaciers.

Goddamn snow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

With Difficulty

There are things in this world which I greatly enjoy. In this episode of, i will rate these most favorite things of mine against one another. It is a hard task, but I'm up for it.

Coen Brothers movies
Good god, but they do some good work, those two dorks from ... from North Dakota, i believe. Their movies have a unique style to them that touches me and so many others in oh so pleasurable ways. a'heh heh heh. Well, here they are in order from best to ... to "least best".
1) The Big Lebowski.
2) Intolerable Cruelty
3) Fargo
4) O Brother Where Art Thou
5) Miller's Crossing
6) Man Who Wasn't There
7) Hudsucker Proxy
8) Ladykillers

Fantasy Books
I'm a dork.
I like Robert Jordans series more than any others i've read because there's so much going on thats unwritten, that will never BE written, but is there for you to discover. Or at least look up on the internet. I dislike Terry Goodkind more with every book he writes, to the point where i've just stopped reading them.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) Lord of Chaos
3) Winters Heart
4) Clash of Kings
5) The Dragon Reborn
6) Storm Of Swords

I love to eat but most of the time I have to try to curb it. Were it feasible for me to constantly eat until i felt like bursting, I would. This list is subject to change depending on the mood i'm in, but at this moment I feel like the following.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) rare sirloin
3) meaty lasagana
4) Hooters 911 wings
5) eggplant paremesian
6) Burrito and guacamole from Viva Juan.

Video Games
Haven't really been playing much lately, and from the looks of it if i ever played World of Warcraft it would be #1 and I'd never stop playing.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) Quake II, only in evans room though.
3) Legend of Zelda.
4) Age Empires, again in evans room.
5) Warcraft 3
6) The latest Madden game
7) GTA: Vice City

Long Time Friends
This should be fun.
1) The Big Lebowski
2) Chris
3) Mike
4) Paul
5) Seth. If I could rate him lower I would.

Girls I've slept with.
Hah! I kid. I'll list the big l for consistency.
1) The Big Lebowski.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Because you love me

Buy me things.

I know there's at least two of you out there reading this bitch now. Lets see who loves me more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I dig Firefox, man! It seems to be more lightweight than Internet Explorer, and the tabbed windows are a very good feature. I like the way the buttons look too :) It doesn't handle some HTML code like it should, and it was a pretty big pain in the ass for me to get a page i was programming to work with both IE and Firefox, but I still use it. At least I got it to work, which is more than i can say for my bank, whos website f's up if you use Firefox to view it.

Anyway I suggest you download Firefox and try it out. Its also much safer to use than IE, since like 100% of the web browser virus/malware/bullshit-annoyingness thats out there infects through weaknesses in IE. Thats not to say that Firefox has no weaknesses, just that nobody bothers to write malicious code to take advantage of it, since it wouldn't have much of an impact because not many people use Firefox anyway.

Try it out.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Our Commander In Chief

As left wing, anti bush, blue tie democrat that I am, I must say I'm not completely unhappy with the job Dubya has been doing to start off his second term. He is encouraging bipartisan efforts in congress, making significant progress with the middle east crisis, and at least presenting an attempt at a fiscally responsible budget.

And he wants to fix Social Security. This, I support. For the zero people that read this, I will briefly explain. Basically, out of your paycheck the gov't takes 6% of your money for social security, which your employer matches (so the gov't gets 12%). This money is used to pay people, mostly old retired people, their social security checks. They paid their 6% their entire life, and now they get yours. When you are old and retired, some young kid will be paying 6% to the gov't and you will be getting the check. Well, thats the plan.

The problem is, its not going to work out like that. More people are going onto social security than are paying into it, so there's not enough money coming in. Plus the governemtn uses the money for stuff other than social security, which its not supposed to do, but whatever. They do a lot of shit they shouldn't. Anyway, thats the problem, or so the bush camp says. Democrats will mostly say its not really a problem, at least not for a very long time.

What the MAN wants to do is allow people to use 4 of that 6%, and invest it into personal retirement accounts. That means your money is saved and invested for you, and when you retire you get it. No need to worry about someone else paying social security for you to collect, you've got your own money in your own account saved up over your entire carreer.

This presents two problems. 1) With only 2% left over going into current social security, how is the goverment going to have enough money to pay out all the social security benefits to those folks already on it right now? and 2) It makes your retirement subject to the whims of the stock market.

To both 1 and 2, i say "Bah." Bah! How's the government going to pay? Who cares, figure it out, its a one time cost to fix a desperate issue. (Again, the dems will argue that the issue is not so desperate.) My retirement subject to the stock market? Pardon me, but my and everyone else my age's real retirement is our 401k and whatever personal investments we are wise enough to make on our own, which is already subject to the stock market. The personal investment accounts will be restricted to very low risk investments.

More frightening to me is the government involement with investments in public companies. I'm talking about a government that may, in order to see its social security plan succeed, show strong favor to certain companies that have large amounts of Social Security money invested in them. This is a very discomforting thought to me.

So for the social security, i support the effort of reform, and the plan doesn't sound half bad. It may need some tweaking though. The middle east progress looks good, but you never know with that hell hole over there. I guess we'll see what happens with Iran and North Korea. North Korea is kinda askin for it right now, i really hope Bush and his cronies don't take the bait.

While I am impressed with what i've discussed here, this is still a president that would make constitutional ammendments banning abortion and gay marriage. This is still a president that not only do i feel I am smarter than, but that most other people are too. This is still a president that I would never vote for. But at least there's something for me to put in the pro's column now.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Three out of four. Not bad New England. They beat the Colts, Steelers, and finally the Eagles to win the superbowl. A tougher road to the superbowl, I cannot imagine. I was rooting for the Patriots since they defeated the Colts, who i would have preferred win. I kind of like having a modern dynasty in football though, which is why i was rooting for them. I just wish they weren't in the same division as the Jets.

Man am I excited about the 2005 Giants season though. I'll be following their offseason moves closely. I think Eli can become a major threat this season, only his second in the league, if they give him the right tools. He played some very good games in only his first half season, despite his dismal record. As for the Jets, who knows. In the shape they're in now, they'll never win the big games they need to.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Speculative Sciences

In recent weeks I've been referred to two different web pages discussing two questionable advances in science, namely stopping the aging process and time travel into the past. If you're curious, time travel into the future has been proven possible and actually accomplished. Twice.

Both of these topics present questions not only of feasibility, but also of responsibility. As for the latter, it is normally the argument in science that we should strive to achieve whatever could be possible, and deal with the uses and consequences of such advances later. Unfortunately thats usually up to politicians. But I'll think about these questions in regard to these two topics in particular.

Ronald Mallett is attempting to create a time machine that will travel into the past. As i said before, future time travel has already been proven and accomplished. It works by moving really really fast and forcing time to pass slower, maybe a million times slower. In this case after 1 year, a million earth years have ellapsed and you're in the future. We're gonna have to take Einsteins word for it on this one, because for me to attempt to explain the small bit of this i think i understand would be silly. But this notion doesn't really apply to backwards time travel. Before reading the aforementioned article, I had thought that time travel into the past was impossible. As in proven impossible. I guess not, a lot of the world is taking this guy seriously. Though there are skeptics as to the way in which Mallett intends to accomplish this feat, even they seemingly admit that the theory is possible.
And what of the famous grandfather paradox, in which a man travels back in time and kills grandpa, then pops out of existence. Then his grandfather is alive again, and he pops back in, and kills him again. How would such a scenario resolve itself? Stephen Hawking thinks that the laws of nature would prevent this from happening, as in you go to shoot your grandfather and the gun jams, etc. Mallet believes that there are an infinite number of universes representing all possible scenarios as reality. Maybe he's right, and altering with the past could sort of twist these numerous universes into each other, creating a hybrid universe where you're grandfather was killed before he had any kids, but you're still alive.
But assume it's possible and in our grasp to create backwards time travel. Should we? And I'm ignoring the automatic "yes" from scientists for the purposes of my blog. Imagine the power of backwards time travel in the hands of George W. Bush. If it existed today, thats exactly where it'd be. Hopefully i don't need to explain how bad THAT could be. Basically, people with the advantage of access to time travel could use it increase their advantage even further, and pretty much have their way with the world. If i had to choose right now, I'd say create backwards time travel if you can. But I don't think you can.

And how about immortality! Ok maybe not immortality, but a cure for aging. Aging is the molecular and chemical changes the body undergoes over time. I certainly believe preventing these damaging changes altogether is possible, but there's a HUGE question as to if we should! Well whoever made that website seems to think we should, and they're only real argument for it is pretty much that we should do everything and let whatever happens happen. They also try to say that nature would find a way to reach equilibrium with never-dying humans. I dunno, on my first read I didn't buy it. I guess i could convince myself that it would be ok to have everlasting life for everybody, but it would take some real convincing. So if i had to choose right now, I'd say don't cure aging. But I think you can.