Wednesday, March 30, 2005


And i'm back. From the sunny state of California. I had a great time, just as i suspected. I was much busier than i thought i would be. When i go out there, its not for site seeing and touristy things. I just go out there to hang out with my friends. But i did all sorts of stuff on this particular trip.

I landed in L.A. on tuesday morning and on tuesday night i was en route to Mexico with Tartisel. By the time we got down there and got a hotel room by the border and had some tacos, i had been going for about 18 hours on 3 hours of sleep. I was a zombie, but a determined one. We bought a trolly ticket for $4.50 that nobody ever checked and hopped off right at the border. We strolled across into Mexico and for $25 took a cab ride to the town/city of Rosarito. It was spring break, and despite the rain and the friggin river of muddy water running down the middle of the street, the place was packed. Walking around the street was like walking around in a club, and the different clubs were more like different rooms. They were very designed to be outdoors, with windows that never really closed and an open wall section as an entrance.

We spent most of the night at Senor Frogs, and drank ourselves shitty for $15. Everyone was dancing, girls were on top of the cracked wooden bar dancing, tartisel was taking pictures of all of them. With the flash on. They didn't like that. At about 2 we left and walked down the river/street to a little taco stand. In 45 seconds we passed two other taco stands and chose this one, for no reason. For $1 a piece I ate the best tacos of my life. Me and ryan had 8 or 9 tacos each. Beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, and shrimp tacos. Guacamole and tomato. Fresh made tortilla. Oh my lord it was yum, they were about the size of your hand, and oh so good. Then we headed back.

We had to get a cab ride back, and after Tart cursed out 3 cab drivers for their high prices, we took the fourth one we found, for the same high price. As soon as we started driving, the kid Dave that was there started puking, but his mexican window wouldn't open, so he had to open the mexican cabs door and puke out that way. The driver never even slowed down, so I had to hold dave as he leaned out. I wound up with puke on me as a result of this.

About 10 minutes later, just long enough to get away from any kind of organized town and get most of the way up a modest mexican mountain, the cab broke down. Goddamn clutch burned out, just like drunken wise-ass tartisel sarcastically said it was going to when we first got in. That bastard. Dave was still puking out the door, so for some reason me and T decided that if we could get it to the top of the mountain we could coast down the other side. True, but even that wouldn't have been nearly far enough to get us back to the border. But we were determined. 3 or 4 different times we tried pushing this cab up the f'n mountain. I wanted to puke from the physical exertion mixed with the night of drinking and extreme lack of rest. My all white shoes were covered in mexican mud and puke, and several times i caught myself looking off the side of the little mountain over Mexico and thinking "thats really Mexico. It seems more civilized than i thought."

With our futile attempts at cab pushing looking less and less hopeful, the driver who spoke no english (who doesn't speak english? This is Mexico, for christ' sake!) went to the trunk and got exactly what you would think you would need to fix a burnt out clutch.

A tire iron.

Thaaaats right, folks. Apparently them Mexicans can do wonders with a tire iron, 'cause this guy was convinced everything was ok once he found it. Tartisel ran around and mockingly checked each tire, and said "Nope! tires are fine effe, don't need that shit!" My white shoes ruined, and my body defeated, i got in the cab with dave and waited for what i was sure was going to end with the cops coming and arresting us with hopes of a bribe.

But them mexi's have communication too, 'cause another cab showed up about 20 minutes later to take us back to the border. Its worth mentioning at this point that once we got into the new cab, the first cabby got in his car and drove it away. Drove that cab away. Wtf? I still don't know how that happened.

I fell asleep for the next 15 minutes while we travelled back to the USA. We got back to the border, ryan tried unsuccessfully to purchase a bottle of liquor from a closed mexican convenience store, and we crossed over. We didn't want to wait for the trolly so we took an American cab, which we knew would make it, back to our hotel and crashed. I was more grateful for that sleep than i have been for any other.

It was very fun. I unfortunately didn't bring my camera into Mexico, because of the horror stories i heard about the Mexican cops robbing you, but they never bothered us. Oh well. I got a good look at the city of San Diego on the way back up to L.A., nice lookin place. Looks ... cleaner? nicer? ... somehow better than L.A., just less popular.

This blog is running long now, but i'll have more about my west coast trip for your eager eyes to read in the next few days. The horror stories about the corruption in Mexico may be true, if so i lucked out. But it may be worth the risk for you, to get a taste of some of those tacos.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Manifest Destiny

Tomorrow I fly to L.A. ! I'm psyched to see James, Tartisel, and Scott. I'll be seeing Seth too. I'm staying at Seth/James place, where their girlfriends also live. And they have a big dog. 4 people and a dog, and i'll be sleeping on the couch. Those are some lucky 4 people, and one lucky dog. I might spend a night at scotts, or tarts, or both, if they invite me. Give the James/Seth house a break. Either way i'm gonna have me some fun. I'll bring my camera and my laptop so i'll try to get some pictures accessible to everyone (everyone who cares) while i'm out there. Woohoo fun for me. We might go to San Diego and Mexico. Mexico! Abby you KNOW you love it. We might not. We might also go to Vegas. I've been there already, so i'd prefer Mexico.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sounds Familiar

This country is severely divided on some key issues. Some of the most prominent issues being the death penalty, abortion, and gay marriage. I was thinking about the marriage issue, and to me it seems simple. Gay marriage should be legal. A constitutional ban on gay marriage just seems absurd. The country has become so screwed up, so wrapped up in its divisive state of taking hard stands, that gay marriage has become an "issue." Two guys/girls want to get together and fuck each other, why do you give a shit! They don't want you to participate, or even watch. Anway, thats my stand on it.

But for some time there, I was thinking along the lines of compromise. Give equal rights to gay couples, give them all the same benefits that a married straight couple gets, just without the marriage certificate. Even create a new title for it, "life partners" or whatever the hell, i dunno. Seems fair enough, the only thing missing is the governments recognition of a legitimate marriage. And in matters of love that might not be so important. So while I certainly don't agree with banning gay marriage at all, maybe it was a fair compromise with the other side.Then, last week, a california judge made a ruling that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Good, i thought. But in his ruling, he made a statement that changed my way of thinking about it. The compromise i talk about above is unacceptable. The only way this is going to end is with legal gay marriage nation wide. Giving equal rights to gay couples - but not actually letting them marry - sounded familiar. It is reminiscent of a concept that the U.S. judicial system shot down decades ago. It is a concept that this country has deemed unacceptable. It is a concept that America used for years to justify racial segragation, before finally being corrected by the Supreme Court. "Seperate But Equal" didn't work out for the racists in the fifties, and it isn't going to fly now.

Gay marriage will be legal one day. It is the only fair and American outcome. In 25, 50, 100 years, the people of the time will look back on their ignorant ancestors that tried to ban gay marriage the same way most people today look back on the racist ancestors we have. The kids of the time will talk about their grandparents ... will talk about you, if that is the case ... as "old fashioned and homophobic" if you still complain about gay's getting married. My grandfather still describes black people as "colored," and i suspect he does not really approve of interracial couples. He is from a time when thats how the nation thought. A time that America has grown out of and matured from, for the most part.

It will be the same way with gay marriages. America continues to mature. Are you going to be an ignorant old homophobe? Or have you already, or will you, grow and learn with the rest of the nation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I ordered an ion air filter off of Amazon. As some of you know, i spent all last week in bed with a high fever and infected tonsils. It was the worst week of my life. Anyway, since ive been staying in the room in which i currently live, the mold/dust of the basement below me has been bothering me a lot. And i thought it may have even played a small roll in the infection. So, I bought an ion air filter off of amazon.

The interesting part is that i chose the free shipping option. Amazon has the super-saver shipping on certain items over $25, and the air filter was $32 and qualified for free shipping. The only thing is it takes longer to ship. 5 - 9 days, it says. I ordered it on Monday afternoon from work, and on Tuesday night i was setting it up in my bedroom.

Thats amazing, Amazon. That thing must have been sitting on the dock somewhere on long island ready to go before I even ordered it! I don't know how they do what they do over there. It scares me that they are recommending a bunch of baby supplies to me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Two wheelin

I might take a motorcycle driving class. If you pass the class you get your motorcycle lisence too. Plus it'll give me a chance to ride a bike and decide if i like it or not. It never seemed like something I'd altogether enjoy, but i want to at least try it. The instructive and safe setting of a class seems just the right place to try it.

I understand they train you on "cruisers" ... harley types. I'm not sure what kind of bike i'd want to buy. I always assumed i'd want a cruiser-harley type. Doesn't have to be a big hog badass lookin thing. But two guys I know have the sport bikes. Bright colors and names like "ninja" and "katana". I automatically wrote bikes like that off in the past, but now i'd have to consider having one. I don't know why, i just like 'em! They seem much more efficient.

It'd be cool to criss cross the country on a bike with a friend or two. A buddy of mine was talking this weekend about how he wants to take a leave of absense from work and just travel the country on his harley. It'd be friggin awesome if I could join him on a bike of my own. Even cooler if we could get a third Amigo out of L.A. to come on his bike too. It would be an experience to remember for the rest of our lives.

So I'll check this class out at least, see how much it costs and when i can take it. Get a taste for life on the road!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mr Happy Face

Put on a happy face !

A la Me!

I'm gonna start making dinner at night instead of eating taco bell or burger king or cheerios. This is one of those plans thats never really going to pan out, but I'm gonna have a go at it. The problem is i'm going to have to spend money on food as well as make the effort of both cooking AND cleaning. I still haven't figured out if its cheaper to make your own dinner or just buy take out. But its definitely cheaper to buy take out than it is to make your own food thats good for you.

I've realized how freaking expensive it is to eat healthy. Both monetarily and in the effort required in preparing the food. And cleaning too, gotta clean up after yourself too. It really kind of sucks. Especially when I come home from work hungry, i do not feel like waiting 45 minutes for dinner let ALONE spending those 45 minutes making the dinner.

Anyway, what my gourmet arsenal consists of for now will be
sausage peppers
eggplant / chicken parmesian

Thats about it. There'll be others too, that involve kit-type food. For instance grilled chicken and pasta roni type meal. Or hamburger helper! There's a bunch of stuff tahts easy to make and actually pretty good. These things are also prime candidates for lunch the next day. Some pasta meals too, though i'm not really sure I count pasta/sauce as cooking. Probably because i already know how to do it, and if i can do it it must not be cooking. There's a cooking class at BOCES for $159 i might take. There's 2 of them actually, maybe i'll take them both. It wouldn't solve the problem of me being too lazy to cook and clean it all up though.

One of my less attainable goals is to one day have a personal chef in the house. And some illegal immigrant maid. And maybe a nutrionist, or the chef can double as a nutrionist. OOhhh yea, thats the way. A chef/nutrionist. They can make more than they would as either chef or nutrionist, but cost less than hiring them seperately!