Thursday, April 21, 2005


"Fuck the police... fuck, fuck, fuck the police.. yea, fuck 'em."

That about sums up my general attitude for those sworn to serve and protect, and i'm reminded of it once again in recent news. I am thus far the only one who's angered by what I'm talking about here, but again.... my blog, not yours.

Some f'n cop was interrogating a suspect about a stabbing, and the suspect overpowered him, took his gun, and killed him. The cop probably didn't deserve to die, but he definitely brought that shit upon himself. Anyway, the suspect shoots out the window hops down 3 stories and runs away. The fuzz catches up with him three blocks later and arrests him.

Case closed, trial, sentence, life in prison ... maybe death. Right? So you would think, according to our laws and all. But the fuckin police, who are there to UPHOLD the law, always live above the law. They beat the fuck out of this guy.

They didn't just push him around and give him some body bruises. They beat this guy so bad that when he came into the courtroom, he had to wear a face mask, like Jason. The small part of his face that you could see from his eyes up looked so distorted that i wanted to puke. I am sickened now thinking about. He was so swollen that his black face was paled by the stretching of his skin.

The suspect did not deserve that. And if you think he did, it doesn't matter. Because even if you're right, it isn't the place for the police to give it to him. He goes on trial , he gets sentenced, he serves his sentence. Thats it. This isnt some medieval society or fuckin third world country where arrogant cops, who probably ended up as cops 'cause they were unqualified for everything else, dish out justice on the street. In this society, arrogant cops who can't be anythign else are supposed to just arrest people, and defend themselves when necessary.

I've been disgusted with our law enforcement since i was old enough to think about it, and i continue to be.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I have a company now. I got the business certificate a few weeks ago. The name on the certificate is SOFTWAVE TECHNOLOGIES, though i'm not sure what i'm going to "market" it as. Probably one of Softwave Tech(nologies), Softwave Development, or even just Softwave. The approval rate of the name Softwave has been pretty good so far, some people have disliked it though. But I'm married to it now, I already paid the $42 for the certificate.

What i wanted to get done first but still haven't gotten around to is get a website for the company up. is already taken, but i can reserve it in case it is not renewed when the year subscription is up. I don't think the owner is going to renew it, because if you visit you'll notice they haven't even put any page up at all yet. Its just the webservers welcome page. But, i don't think i'm gonna reserve it anyway. I don't want to wait that long. What i'll probably end up using is either or I think they're both available.

But before i get a site up, i need a logo. Once I have a logo, however simple, i can make up some business cards and start with a website. I need a marketing/artist person to help with this part, both to do the logo and help with the business cards and website. Fortunately, my girlfriend majored in graphics art with a focus on advertising design. Unfortunately, she's been too busy to do any work for good ol' Softwave. I gotta get it done though, i really need a site up. Once its done i want to maybe use google's PayPerClick advertising campaign. At the least i'll optimize it for search engine results.

It has been keeping me very busy though. Mainly because Softwave is only me. I've been doing the requirements analysis, design, programming, and testing. I've also been learning about all the Small Business Tax laws since i'll be doing the accounting as well. And, in the beginning, i fear i will be in charge of the marketing. That's not a good sign. A marketing/salesperson will probably be one of the first hired hands i get, if i ever hire any. I will certainly need some help on the programming side eventually, but i think my trusty 'ol SB roomate is willing to help out and make some money with me.

But I'm discouraged at where all the work is coming from. Everything i've done with softwave has been for one company. If that company gets a contract for a job, and if that job needs a programmer, and if they decide to hire me to do that programming, then i get work. Right now, thats it. Thats not good! So one of my short term goals is to turn that avenue of work into something like this: I get the job. If the job requires some service that i don't provide, then i outsource to someone that does. Right now, as you can tell, Softwave is basically just a development consulting company. But within 18 months or so (pretty random number there) i want to have some sort of Softwave product that we sell, probably just software.

This software, whatever it is, is going to be aimed at a very specific market. Trying to break into broad categories like "accounting software" is too difficult a task for a budding young company like Softwave. I still haven't thought of what the hell that product is even going to be, so we'll see what happens.

Well, thats where I'm at. Look for the post in the future entitled "Softwave Crashes", when the company is no longer worth the effort of keeping.

Fucking sucks. I just wrote a couple hundred words in a new blog and lost it all when i clicked Post. Freaking waste of my time, and now you guys don't get anything to read. Suckas !

This isn't the first time this shit happened either. If you're thinking of starting a new blog, start it somewhere else.