Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the AXE

Guitar Center's got some damn fine lookin acoustic guitars there baby! I really want to get one. My buddy dropped his acoustic off at my place the other day and i been playing it all night the last few days, my fingers are actually sore right now as i type this. Oh yes, that will pass though. I've got the itch to play again, and i know i want an acoustic guitar. And i know i want a nice one. I'm lookin between $1300-$1800. Guitar center even has No-Interest No-Payments for 16 months. WHAT! I said no interest and NO GODDAMN PAYMENTS for 16 months! For my price range, it will almost certainly be a martin or a taylor. I'll play some gibsons or whatever, but i'm banking on finding a Martin (or taylor) thats going to make my day. And many days to come. I mean i can still play my electric if i want, and probably will once i'm back into the groove, but i've got no amp set up at the house and its just not what i'm feeling right now.

Its therapeutic for me to play, and i haven't in so long. One of the strangest things is when i pick it up and don't know what to play. Especially since most of what i naturally start with is old metallica or something to that effect, and there's only so much of that you're going to enjoy playing on an acoustic guitar. So i been listenin to some stuff lately that i'm going to want to learn. I was up till about 1am last night figuring out Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Life By The Drop." Five years ago i probably would've been able to play that song after hearing it once. But i got it down eventually anyway. Its awkward to sing it and play it at the same time though (especially for my roomate, poor guy) but i'll get that too. Thats to say nothing of the quality of singing.

I'll hit up the Guitar Center later this week i think, and play some of the guitars down there. I'll probably end up with an electric-acoustic, since they tend to be thinner and more comfortable for me to play. I'll see if the sound suffers at all though. Also want to check out what books they've got there. Maybe some Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaghan, i dunno. See what they've got. They sell software too, which i'll check out and get one day and have a blast playing with. All of this is very exciting.

Now my fingers just have to toughen up again.....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lesson Learned

Evan and I have taken on a job doing a website for a young guy starting his own company. As he had limited cash available, and he was starting his own company just like we are trying to do, we agreed to work with him on the money to hlep him afford it. Basically we said we'd work cheap. Man we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The job is going to get done for probably 25% of the cost it should be. Triple the price we agreed would have been a steal for him. We totally underestimated how long thigns take to get done. Not to mention work has been added on to the project so its much more work than we even originally thought. All of this is our own fault, though.

I take some small solace by thinking of the lesson i've learned through this. I made a few bucks, even if i deserved much more. But, next job i get, I'll much more accurately estimate the time and work involved, and get a fair price from the get go. I've also gained some valuable experience in dealing with a customers changing needs, as well learned how to tell clients no. I think the next job Softwave gets will be a good one, and i'll be proud of both the work i do and the way i conduct business.