Friday, September 16, 2005

Coming Out Straight

Homosexuality. Genetic, or psychological. What a debate. The guest on Stern this morning is the author of a book by the same title of this blog (he stole it). He was gay into his late 20's, and "came out straight" after addressing his psychological problems and going through the required therapy to resolve those issues. He dated girls in high school just to fit in, but was always turned off and pretty much disgusted by them.

He believes there are some very specific circumstances that lead to psychological problems resulting in homosexuality. He makes a very compelling argument. Unfortunately this will be a much weaker argument as a line in my blog, instead of an hour long discussion with a psychologist and author. But the short of it is that in males, they need male attention. They didn't get it from their father in childhood, they end up resenting their mothers because they're so focused on what they want from their father, and in turn end up wanting men instead of women. ::shrug:: This is just one scenario, the author had like 5 or 6 specific examples like this though. And when i consider the homosexuals i've met in my life, all of them come from some sort of dysfunctional background, some much more so than others. There is also another side to that observation, and a valid one. Everyone has some sort of dysfunction in their past. So of course gay people do too.

The argument of homosexuality being genetic is still difficult for me to accept, for two reasons. First, no homosexual gene has been discovered. In fact, nothing has been discovered in the way of genetic gayness to even hint that it is a possibility. Second, there are no homosexual animals. It is a common misconception that there are gay animals in the wild kingdom. Specifically, there is a group of gorilla's whose genetic make up is extremely similar to that of humans. These gorilla's bang man-ass. Well, male-gorilla-ass. BUT, this is situational. There are few "head-gorilla's" in the pack, and the females run the show. Only the highest ranking males can bed these fine ladies, so the rest - like men in prison - do the dance with the other lowly males of the pack until they can work their way up the social ladder.

I definitely can't believe that genetics can make people gay until some sort of scientific proof creates at least the possibility of it. I believe it is plausible that being gay is a psychologic issue. Plausible, im' not saying thats the way it is. I think there's more pointing in that direction than genetics though. This author has "helped" over 1,000 people resolve their psychological situation and come out straight. One of the most important steps is actually healing with the same sex. "Guys need to heal with guys, girls need to heal with girls." I think his point is that its important for them to get the same-sex affection that they were lacking without it having to be an intimate thing. Anyway, its "worked" over 1,000 times.

Now this viewpoint is not saying that homosexuality is a choice. The author actually said its NOT choice, they're in a very real psychological circumstance that doesn't give them a choice in the matter. That was important for me to hear to take him seriously, because i don't believe gay guys are just like "oh i guess i'll like guys and not girls, why not!" Anyway, i'm not convinced either way, but i give much more credit to the possibility of homosexuality being a result of psychology, and not genetics, than i did before listening to the show. I'll see how much of his book i can read for free on amazon.