Tuesday, January 17, 2006


SUCKS! Jesus Christ man, i signed on to myspace for the first time in awhile yesterday, what a pain in my ass! Every link takes a good 30 seconds to load, and friggin random music comes blaring out of my speakers on most peoples pages (why oh WHY is there not an option in IE for me to turn off embedded music in web pages). Ok so the music isn't exactly a problem, it just happens to annoy me personally. But half the time I click anything the page just doesn't load, and after a good minute or more it will go to some bland ("Sorry there was an unexpected error!") page. An unexpect... what kind of errors are you expecting? Sometimes.. and this is my favorite... the page will load, you'll see it for a second, and then BAM! "Sorry an unexpected error has occured."

WHAT?! But the page was loaded! The goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain!

Now i may take my sweet time getting stuff done at work, but when i'm finished with it, the f'ing thing works. This guy took a shit in a computer case, screwed it shut, stuck a myspace sticker on it and sold it to fox for millions! Brilliant on his part really, but what a pain in the ass for the thousands and thousands of users. I was going to go leave messages for the people on my friends list, but i only got through about 3 of them before i couldn't tolerate it anymore.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Hope I'm Wrong

God I love football. 16 weeks a year, plus playoffs, the country is treated to the most cerebral sport in the world. All week long teams draw up strategies, closely studying and getting to know their opponent intimately. On The Holy Day these plans come to fruition, and every single play for all 4 quarters the teams do battle. Each play takes eleven men acting in complete unison to work. Skill players make reads -- not on single players on the other side, but on the entire opposition -- anticipating their plan off attack. People complain that football has too much "down time," 30 seconds between every play. But its because football has more thinking involved than any other game.

Football requires a good coach, a good quarterback, a good running back, good receivers, and good linemen. Thats just the offense. Baseball requires a squad of talented athletes, but is still not the thinking mans game that football is. In the NBA, one player alone can make the team good. You could put "King James" on any team and they will be dangerous. Don't even get me started on the NHL.

My favorite football city is NY, the Jets and the Giants. I have caught shit on more than one occasion for not choosing one over the other, but that's just the way it is. I root for them both. And this week, my Giants fight in the playoffs.

Sunday marks Eli Manning's first of hopefully many playoff appearances. Eli is showing signs of greatness in his first full season as an NFL quarterback. His inexperience is also obvious at some points. I'd like to see Eli win his first playoff game ever, do that and the giants have given me more than I hoped for. I wanted them to make the playoffs, even as a wildcard, when the season started. As it went on, I upgraded my requirements to wanting them to win the division. And they did. To get a win against the Panthers this weekend would be great.

The NY Football Giants can beat any team on any day, anywhere. Unfortunately, they can also lose to any team on any day. Their inconsistencies make it all but impossible to hope for a Superbowl appearance, but getting a first round win against the Panthers is within the realm of possibility.

While Carolina has played the run well this year, I think Tiki still has a great game with over 100 yards rushing. Either Plexiglass, Toomer, or Shockey will also need impressive numbers to give the giants a chance, and that'll depend on Eli. If the Panthers get in his face, there'll be trouble.

Carolina's Steve Smith is the NFLs leading receiver, and the giants have a well-known weakness in their secondary. The Giants are going to need 4 or 5 dbacks to keep up with Smith and his buddies, putting the pressure on Osi and Strahan to get to Jake daylight-come-and-you-gotta-Delhomme all on their own. If they can do that, it gives the giants a fighting chance.

In the end, i think the Panthers D forces young Eli into too many mistakes and send the Giants packing. Sure hope I'm wrong. I usually am, so thats a bonus for the Giants right there. They've already had a good run this year, and I'm proud. They got their 11 wins. I draw the line there at 11, between good and mediocre teams. The Tuna said it best when he said "A 10-6 team is just as good as a 6-10 team."