Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They told me to shoot

This past sunday, with Hamas in control of Palestine, Iran restarting uranium enrichment and Iraq spinning more and more out of control everyday, the VP of the united states was exactly where you might expect to find him. Out quail hunting with his friends.

Well, ok. He can't work all day every day, right? One afternoon of hunting is forgiveable. But if i was the 78 year old hunting partner that Dick shot with a shotgun, i wouldn't be so forgiving. The reports first said the man was doing fine after getting a faceful of buckshot, but today we learn that the this lawyer friend of Cheney suffered a heart attack after having some of the shot lodged in his heart.

Cheney insists that the intelligence beforehand said there was supposed to be a bird there. Asked if he would do it all over again, Dick replied "Of course, you've got to trust your intelligence, thats what its there for. Thats why those institutions are in place. If they tell me theres a quail there, then i'm gonna shoot."