Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Ya'll" is just more convenient

I'm back from my 5 day trip to South Carolina for Jeremy's wedding. I was looking forward to the experience of seeing the South and staying there for a few days at least, instead of just sitting around in an airport for a few hours. I stayed in Orangeburg, SC, where Jessica - the bride's - parents live. Very small town, and exactly what you would imagine when you picture the stereotypical south.

They live on what seems like an old plantation house. Gigantic house, set way back off the road with a huge yard. The yard itself was about 5 acres, with gardens and gigantic trees. The property probably went on for another 20 acres. The house and property together probably went for about the same price as 18 terrell, and about a fifth of the taxes. Oh well.

Being down there for five straight days I got a good feeling of what the south is like. The biggest surprise to me was how big a part of life the Civil War still is. Confederate flags, Southern Generals, and "South Will Rise Again" bumper stickers were everywhere. I did not eat at a single place that didn't have a painting/picture of Robert E. Lee. Which is cool because I'm named after him :). But they probably didn't believe me when i told them that. Nor did they believe that my brother was also named after a Confederate General.

Life also moves at a much slower pace down there. Nobody is in a rush to do anything. Even simple things, like the pace that people walk out, the speed they speak, or how long it takes them to count the change at the gas station. Its all in slow motion, which I found aggravating at times.

One big plus was the friendliness of everyone. The cashier making conversation with you, the waiter staying a few extra minutes, those things were annoying. But the friendliness of the people in general was refreshing. We all felt comfortable at the wedding, even though we knew nobody. I think a better way to put it is that everyone is real down there. At least everyone i met.

In new york, its like people are in costume and you can almost see the strain on their faces as they consider what everyone around is thinking about them. (I hear this is even more exaggerated in LA). The natural truth of the people i was with in the South was refreshing. I unfortunately will have to learn to deal with the superficial nature of northerners (or at least NY'rs) that i never noticed before, because i dont really want to live down there.

But if i ever do, i don't think id have to worry about making any friends.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not-paint brush

The link below is really friggin cool. Its a video showing a project at MIT, where a "paint" brush has been created that does some nifty stuff. Its not a paint brush, but it is used to draw/paint with. The video also comes with a superb beat playing in the background.

The Brush

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Google Rules

Ok i've complained about Blogger before, but its gotten better. I haven't lost a post in a very long time, and now this.

I sent the above image from my cell phone to, and 10 seconds later it was here on my blog. That is a very nifty feature.

You can even call 415-856-0205 and leave a voicemail, and a few seconds later there will be an mp3 of your message posted on your blog! If you don't have a blog, it'll create a new one for you and send you back a code you can use to go and "claim" the new blog as your own. You can also use that code to add the message/pictures to an existing blog instead.

Pro Bono

The shared goal of myself and some of my close friends is to become self employed. Eventually very wealthy and self employed, but as long as I can pay the bills, eat, and have a warm bed i'll be a satisfied self-employed young man. In persuit of this goal, there are a few active projects we've been trying to bring to life to make money.

I also have a pretty specific goal, unrelated to making money. In fact, I expressly do NOT want to make money off of this idea. I want to create some sort of community website that isn't a money maker, but just a hobby of mine. Nothing like myspace, more like CodeProject or the now-barren Devhood. These are both technical communities, and thats not really what i'd like to do, but i'm not sure exactly what i would want to make. Maybe one for wine, but there's already so much out there. The theme of the place would have to be something I'm passionate enough about to stay interested and maintain the thing.

Ideally i'd like to do the entire site myself. That means the front end too, which would restrict it to straight html and css. I ain't no artist, everyone knows it. But I think i can pick a color scheme well enough to not scare anyone away.

Anyway, its sort of this burning desire i've had lately, and i'm interested in finding out what any of you out there think. Even if you're some secret visitor that I don't know about peeking in on my blog. I CAN SEE YOU.