Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Warm you up

We're damn near done with the latest project, Nicks brain child of a long island fuel oil directory. As there hasn't been any advertising for it yet, none of the companies are signed up and are thus all the free listing, which is just black text with name and phone number.

The idea is they can pay to be more prominantly listed, with more information (address, price, sales pitch, etc) displayed.


Friday, May 12, 2006

It's not double homicide, but...

Peter King really surprised me with his latest MMQB column. Generally speaking, I'm a big fan of his writing. I've read all the Monday Morning Quarterback columns, along with the MMQB-Tuesday Edition columns, since before the 2005 season started. There have been very few times I found myself on the opposite side of Mr. King's opinion, and never so starkly opposed as I feel now.

Reggie Bush, the #2 overall pick in this years NFL Draft, has the potential to be an even bigger factor in his games than Ladanian Tomlinson is now. But he's a rookie. He's NOT EVEN a rookie yet, he hasn't' signed anything with the Saints, he's just been drafted. And he has asked the NFL to change the rule that requires NFL tailbacks to wear numbers between 20 and 49 (i think) so that he can wear the #5 that he's worn since high school. And Peter King thinks they should let him.

Maybe it seems trite to make such an issue over what number a player is wearing, but its the principle of the matter. Reggie hasn't even signed with an NFL team yet! He hasn't even PRACTICED! To put it on a much smaller scale, imagine someone new starting at work and on their first day asking for special treatment so they can go to lunch when nobody else can. That'd annoy the crap out of me! And THAT person has already started the job, Reggie is still weeks or months away from signing anywhere.

I think the NFL needs to deny this request as soon as possible. If they cave, and change a long-standing rule to gratify this pre-rookie -- of whom I happen to be a fan of, in all cases but this -- their integrity will suffer and they'll lose the respect of players and fans. Not to mention the slap in the face it sends to guys like Gale Sayers, Terry Bradshaw, Randy Moss, or O.J. Simpson, all of whom sacrificed their own personal preferences out of respect to the league.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

All of us

In two weeks i'll turn 26. That number makes 30 seem very close, very real. Four years goes by fast these days. I had more things in mind for my thirtieth birthday than i seem to be on track for right now. Or so I thought. But when you think about it, a lot can happen in four years. A lot can happen in two.

Two years ago I was just out of college, making $12.50/hr as a helpdesk kid at an insurance company. Lots of my friends were making $45,000 salaries or more, or had at least moved away from long island. I was in a shitty job, and living in a shitty house with a bedroom so small that my bed occupied the entire floor. I drove a 1995 Ford Contour with 100,000 miles on it. It was an ugly bright blue and offered a very shaky though reliable ride. I was still in love with a girl I needed to get over. As pathetic as it sounds, things seemed hopeless. I compared myself to my peers and felt like a loser.

Two years later, i'm about to start my third job with a salary more than triple my helpdesk job. My car is an '06 Altima (special edition!) which I am thoroughly enjoying. I've got a nicer house and a nicer room, though still not living in luxury. While I may never have gotten over the girl, i've gone on to love and lose others, dump and be dumped, and I am better for all of it. I no longer compare myself to anyone, and no longer feel like a loser.

I haven't done all I wanted to do, but partially i blame that on wanting to do too much. How can i start and run a successful software company while also being a covert agent for the CIA while also mastering the french language while also recording an acoustic album of orginal songs while also living in manhattan while also living in L.A. while also buying a house while also taking several cooking classes while also reading a list of books so long I can't type them out on one single spaced page.

I'll probably always, or at least for awhile, get wrapped up in these ideas of the moment i have and want to do, but for the most part now i focus on a small few of them. I'd like to be self employed, i'd like to own a house. While these arent exactly around the corner, I'm on a decent track for both.

Anyway, if so much can change in the years of age between 24 and 26, while living in Patchogue, I imagine a whole lot more can change for me in the next two years. Especially since i'll be spending my days -- if not living in -- Manhattan.

Then I'll be 28, and have a fresh start on another two years, when i'll turn 30.