Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Music NY

I had about an hour to kill before my next train. Normally I wouldn't have actually gone to the station that early, I would have found something along the way to entertain me. I thought the train was much sooner though.

Since I was going to spend the next hour around Penn Station waiting, I figured I'd take a walk around the station and check out some of the new places I'd read about in the A.M. News paper I pick up from the guy on 32nd street everyday (I do the Sudoku in it on the way home). Specifically, there was a new wine store I thought I'd check out.

After I plugged my head into my iPod and walked around for about 10 minutes in a fruitless search for this wine store, I spotted a street performer (he was in the station, not on the street) and figured I'd go listen to his music. There was a small crowd of middle class white people around, also waiting for their trains; most were ignoring him. He was a hip looking young black dude, with thick Marley-style dreads, and a green & yellow acoustic guitar. The sign behind him said "Jahstix" and it turns out he's pretty popular.

He was good, i really enjoyed listening to him. Just him and an acoustic, belting out his own lyrics to a bunch of half interested long islanders. I was going to write more about it, but I you all can just check out the link. Hearing it live and stripped down to just him and his guitar, though, was a very pleasing experience.

Even more to the point, I am impressed by people like Jahstix once or twice a week. I always throw money into their instrument cases, or buy a CD from them. The talent on the streets of new york is one of my favorite things about this city.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hello World

I have just consumed a VERY tasty chocolate ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles. Media-messaging this to google makes it very easy to get it to my blog :)