Monday, August 14, 2006


I've been into the whole self-improvement thing lately. Financially, socially, musically, professionally, you name it. I've been making a conscious effort to improve all of these aspects of myself. Be it through books, podcasts, or activities. For instance, i try to play my guitar a few hours a week (when i was fifteen i played my guitar for 3 hours every day EASY. I should probably just do that and forget everything else). I've read books out of the "self help" section of the library, where I never ventured before. I even put some of the personal interaction tips to use, and noticed unusual results.

I am normally quite standoffish without trying to be. I intend to change that. I've read two books on people skills and they've given me some tips that make me almost normal when i really try. There are some that seem fun, but I haven't tried yet. "Pay two complete strangers a compliment. Every day." Maybe i'll try it sometime. Some that I have tried are "Smile. Constantly.", "Use the other persons name", and "Make the other person feel like whatever he/she is saying or doing is extremely important." I tried these out at work and get a few more "good morning"'s each day now.

I've subscribed to several podcasts on money management as well as programming. Using Bloglines, I follow 20+ different blogs on these various topics. I've just begun snooping around on and Blinklist to see what some wellknown and not-so-wellknown people are reading.

Next week I start my membership at NYSC (pfff, see how long THAT lasts). I'll always be a fat kid, some of us are just made that way. But even without the physical results, working out makes you feel good about yourself.

The books and podcasts are mostly a result of me needing something to do on the 3 hours I spend on the train every day. The guitar and gym are just a nice side effect. I think its good to be on a constant mission to improve myself. But really, when i think about it, nobody I know really needs any improving :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Big Pappi

About a month from now I'm going to Boston. I'll be there for a week at the Best Practices conference with my boss. He and I are taking the train up on sunday night and staying though the week. The conference itself should be very rewarding. As a programmer, particularly one as interested in agile principles and practices as I am, this conference is an opportunity to take away some great knowledge and meet some intelligent people. I expect it to have a very positive effect on my programmer self.

I also don't want to spend the whole time learning about programming, eating, and sleeping! This is only the second time i'll ever have been in Boston, and I'd like to take something more than programming from it. The show is Sept 10th-14th, and if anybody knows anything exciting going on in that city at that time, PLEASE tell me! My boss is a cool dude, and would probably be down for going to a concert or something too.

Hopefully it'll be a great week. I'd like to come out of there a better developer with a few good nights in Boston behind me :)