Friday, April 20, 2007

For which it stands

I spent the morning in Central Islip Courthouse the other day. I was there for two minor offenses. The courtroom opens around 9, and session starts at 930. At 915 the place was packed with people who had taken off work to come to this place, most of whom were nervous about how much money this was going to cost them for their offenses.

"Offenses." What a bunch of bull. More like "excuses for the state to collect money from the people." I was annoyed before I even got there, but my aggravation was to grow. At 950, when the judge still hadn't arrived, I was thinking to myself how he would address a defendant who showed up to court half an hour late. Behind his chair, across the wall and in large letters, were the words "In God We Trust."

"God." Never mind entirely that it is illegal for God to play a role in US court decisions. Is that meant to imply that the court is on Gods side? As if they sit up there together and judge me? Because God is so pissed about my petty little "offense." I do not buy that. Their God is more annoyed at their corruption than he'll ever be at anyone for doing 75 in a 55, or burning a plant and inhaling.

We sat there well past 9:30 waiting for The Honorable Justice Shitbag to show up. During this time we got to watch the half retarded court reporter and a couple of former straight-D students (aka cops) joke around about "at least we get paid to be here," and refer to us as "these people" with a noticeable sneer on the last words.

At one point the idiot reporter said "Checked once, checked twice. Naughty and nice... well more naughty in this room," and then shared a laugh with her moron coworkers.

At 10:13 the judge strolls in right on time and court gets under way. All the attorneys go first. Even attorneys that show up at 10:30 after the rest of us sat there for an hour plus. The attorneys have disinterested conversations with their clients and kiss the judges ass while he talks down and completely disrespects anyone in front of him. I always thought that Judge Judy was just an asshole on TV who got ratings, but in my experience judges really are like that.

The attorneys get their piece, the state gets theirs, and the people get pounded.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Some people are very upset with a specific post on this blog. I won't mention the people or the post, so as not to raise its Google rank even higher. I am tempted to remove the post, since it is not at all important to me, and offends people I never intended to offend. It was done in jest, and only offers my personal viewpoint. I am very hesitant to censor any content for any reason, though. So while I would rather have never posted it in the first place, it will remain.