Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Michael Moore's newest film promises to strike a particularly resonant chord with me. I grew up without health insurance, my brother still doesn't have any, and my uncle is dying from a disease that he can't afford to treat. Meanwhile every other friday i look at the $1000 that the government takes from me, and wonder why they can't help my family.

I can't even hold a conversation with people about the topic because I get so disgusted with the state of things. Dennis Kucinich made some statements in the last democratic "debate" that seemed to indicate he favors an approach to universal health insurance that I'd agree with. I need to learn more before I can get behind it though.

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Philselway said...

I too am very much looking forward to this movie. I can only hope it helps create dialogue about Health Care(wishful thinking I know) as opposed to the typical polarized reaction to Moore's films. I paid up the wazoo for my health issues last year. Probably all totaled, I paid out close to $2,500...and that was WITH insurance, AND it turned out I had nothing more than an infection to be treated with antibotics. Yessir. The best part? $600 was because Blue Cross doesn't cover anisthesia for Endoscopys. I'd like for my Blue Cross rep to have that done without it.