Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've twisted my ankle. Again. For years these things have been twisting, spraining, and breaking. On trampolines, basketball courts, and football fields I have fallen to the ground grimacing. It has even gotten me a few times when I was daring enough to walk down the street!

This time I saw a doctor, which I normally don't do, but there's one right across the street from me. Its been in a soft cast for a week now, and will probably come off this weekend. Walking up to my fifth floor apartment has been outstanding. I try to avoid my stairs whenever possible, and it hurts to walk too far still, so I've been couped up in my apartment most nights. I have finished Feast for Crows, watched the Big Lebowski 3 times, played every song I know on the guitar twice, cleaned my apartment and eaten delivery every night.

This is getting freakin' old.

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