Monday, November 26, 2007

50mil and a boatload of pics

'Eli the Terrible' was the first headline I saw, only minutes after walking out my front door. That was to be the theme for the rest of the day. In the worlds of internet sports, local papers, and the blogosphere, Eli was relentlessly trashed.

He deserved it for the bullshit performance he put up yesterday. But that was only a footnote in most of the writing. The real point was that Eli is a bust after being drafted number one overall in 2004.

I'm a big Eli Manning fan. He's a large part of why I'm even a Giants fan these days. I normally react defensively when he's getting badmouthed. But he is often very difficult to defend. In nearly 3 and a half seasons of starting, I don't remember any game where Eli played well from kickoff to final whistle. I do believe that some of that blame lays at the feet of the coaching staff. How much, I'm not sure of, but I do think that its more than they're getting now.

I want to see Eli become one of the greats. That doesn't mean winning a superbowl, he doesn't have to (a la Marino), and in fact it wouldn't be enough. What he needs to do for that is play very well on a consistent basis.

Below, I compared Eli to most of the quarterbacks in the league right now. What it came down to was that, in my opinion, Eli Manning is in the upper level of mediocrity. He's definitely 'good enough.' But thats not what the Giants and all their fans thought they were getting in 2004. We either have to admit he is what we see now, or hold on to hope that he can still get better. I'm in the latter camp for now.

The three columns below are:
Players name / Better than Eli / Would trade Eli for

Tom Brady Y/Y
JP Losman N/N
Kellen Clemens N/N
Miami N/N
B Roethlisberger =/N
D Anderson N/N
Carson Palmer Y/Y
S. McNair N/N
K. Boller N/N
Peyton Manning Y/Y
David Garrard N/N
Vince Young N/N
Matt Schaub N/N
Philip Rivers =/N
Jay Cutler N/N
Brody Croyle N/N
McCown/Culpepper N/N
Tony Romo Y/N
Donavan McNabb N/N
Jason Campbell N/N
Brett Favre Y/N
Jon Kitna =/N
Tavaris Jackson N/N
Rex Grossman N/N
Jeff Garcia =/N
Drew Breeze Y/N
Carolina N/N
Atlanta N/N
Matt Hasselbeck Y/N
M. Leniart N/N
K. Warner N/N
Alex Smith N/N
Mark Bulger N/N

QBs that I consider better than Eli, but would not trade for, are either a) not that much better, or b) not yet proven over a long enough period of time.

It is somewhat encouraging to see that only Brady, Manning, and Palmer would I rather have than Eli. Although I will say that Romo is getting closer, as his consistently good play continues.